Have You Been Feeling Fearful Lately?

Greetings. Today I’d like you to Consider the Nature of Fear.

Since mid-October, Pluto has been on a bit of a rampage. It has been the most connected planet, making close-to-exact angles to more of the other planets than any other planet has been doing—often oppressively so. This has been giving a decidedly Pluto-nian flavor to our lives, overall. Pluto represents the deepest layers of our emotions, but contrary to popular opinion, these are not to be feared.

Pluto also represents deep, dark, solitude. It calls us inward, to assess where we are emotionally; it wants to connect us with the depth of the soul. It is secrets, and it is control of emotions—and for that matter control of anything and anyone it can get its Scorpionic claws on. It rules burblings from the darkness and hidden plots, sudden acts of violent rage, and subversion of the social order; more generally, it is things getting turned inside out. Think of a volcano, quiet for eons and then unstoppably convulsive. This ultimately reflects our search for the ultimate causality of things. If you’ve been finding yourself watching more mysteries and crime dramas lately, that’s why: Pluto loves searching for and uncovering the truth underneath the calm facade of placidity.

Pluto activity brings us an intensity and inner focus. Subconsciously, our society is trying to get at what’s been festering for way too long, and the first step is to expose any yukkiness deep inside. We’re certainly seeing a lot of criminal behavior being brought to light lately, much of which has been institutionalized for decades. The urge to control has been almost overwhelming for years and years, at least for those in positions of power, on the top—and especially for the ones who have hidden in the shadows, i.e., the pluto-crats.

We are now seeing a temporary push toward more control of personal freedoms by governments, because the richest 1% are behind most of the governments right now. Everyone is feeling the fear-driven urge to control more. The elitest bankers, multinational stockholders, and other organized criminals are all feeling so sufficiently stressed that they are doubling down in an effort to maintain what they think is their God-given right to control and manipulate other people. Because these self-serving forces have accumulated great power and control, their momentum seems great now.

But the planets, which reflect all levels of our reality, are telling us a different story. With Neptune at home in Pisces and Uranus still squaring Pluto, the spiritual levels of life are getting a boost, while the forces of progress are exposing the dark underside of our society. The control systems are beginning to fall apart, and the rest of us are waking up faster than ever. Sensing the turning of the Universal Tide, the controllers are meeting stiffer and more organized opposition every day. Nothing’s ever going to be the same again, and this is good. Change will be good after all. We are advancing toward a shining new Earth, one exposed secret at a time. However,

Things should be getting easier but it seems they’re getting harder! The Paris attacks occurred on the day that Mars (violence) activated, by transit, the big eclipse we had back on March 20th:

There are some who seek love and acceptance through violence (thinking): “If I eliminate these people who disagree with the truth as I understand it, then there will be peace and everything will be perfect. I will be a hero.”

—the Arcturian Group via Marilyn Rafaele, Golden Age of Gaia, 4/12/15

Only one with severe control issues can believe such an idea. It is being driven by the ego’s fear of not being loved. The ego-mind creates our fear of scarcity, disconnecting us from our intuition and from Love. This creates effects of feeling stressed, doubtful, nervous and resistant to Change. Of course change is inevitable.

Why are we so opposed to something we can’t stop?

Pluto represents deep fears, deep, deep, deep ones—the deepest. Primal F-E-A-Rs. You may have heard of “f.alse e.vidence a.ppearing r.eal” well, that’s what we find ourselves hip-deep in right now; those among us who have strayed closest to the edge are feeling and acting out the negative side of this energy. But Pluto is also the Cosmic Roto-Rooter, ready to vacuum out the clogs in the deepest levels of our being. The Paris Climate meetings this month will be very interesting, as they could be a step toward more Control, or a step toward shared responsibility for our future.

And what is the antidote for a strong dose of fear? Let it go and move on; 

                            and take a step toward…..love. 

In Star Wars, Yoda said: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

Yoda was right: A fear can hold us captive, if we let it. 

Another Jedi-like group, the Bene Gesserit order of female adepts in Frank Herbert’s Dune series, would repeat the following words when they were in a tight spot:

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. 

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. 

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. 

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing….only I will remain.


Another way to work with fear is to feel it viscerally, to shake your body as if to shiver, and let the fear just come right out, really get into it and feel it. This is what children do when they’re scared, shaking, and it is the natural human way of letting go of fear—in the moment. Five minutes later they’ve forgotten what they were scared of. And it still works for adults too.

Pluto is traditionally symbolized by the scorpion at the low end, by the eagle at the high end, and by the phoenix connecting the two. Via its eagle manifestation, Pluto is urging us to rise above our despair; as we rise, we can see more of the big picture—ideally with the detachment that normally does come with distance. But the scorpion has great depth, and a capacity to hold more and more. The phoenix represents the crashing and burning of the self, destined to rise from its ashes and then soar to only undreamt of heights. At some level, this is what we have all been going through lately. 

“I’ve seen some hot, hot places come down to smokin’ ash.” —musician and poet Joni Mitchell (a Scorpio, and therefore Pluto-ruled)

“I don’t blame anyone else for what happened to me. But once you’ve had your life burn down, it takes time to be a phoenix.” —actress Sharon Stone  

This is a scary process because it requires that we release much of what we thought was real and important. But paradoxically, losing it can complete us, if we take responsibility for the journey.

For the next two weeks, Pluto only makes two angles, but they’re difficult ones. Start looking for (even more) really unexpected surprises (I wrote this before the last mass shooting, no, the last two, three…it does no good to count them). Uranus (the lightning strike of the unexpected) will be assuming a more prominent role, and this will bring out futuristic solutions to our problems. Both will remain active and connected for all of next year (2016). And lo, there will be more of what Obama promised eight years ago: Change. (Though he didn’t tell us it would be happening worldwide, it most certainly will!)

“This is a process worthy of sturdy souls and brave hearts. Change is messy. And it requires phenomenal patience.”—astrologer Deb O’Connor [http://www.lovedogdesign.com/ LoveDogDesign/columns/columns.html]

Thanks to All who are Stepping Toward the Healing of the World—Rich

Jupiter Has Moved into Virgo.

Greetings Virtuous Virgos,

It’s time to talk about you. I know you hate it when people do that, but right now it will not only be fun, but appropriate and timely too.

Virgos have a special opportunity between August 11th, 2015 and September 8th, 2016. Jupiter has moved into your sign for the first time in eleven years. All Virgos will be favored by the Universe;

                                                   please say: woo-hoo!

This expansive and beneficent planet will be traveling through your very own zodiac sign for a year, creating generally superb growth opportunities (no, wait— the good kind this time!), and a personal renaissance on many fronts. Jupiter is the best planet to have working for you if you want things to go your way. Things are looking up for you!

While Jupiter is in your home sign, you’ll have more luck and more magic in your life. People will be drawn to you to share in your enthusiasm and your wisdom. (And while it may be the very best planet to have working for you, it is not a panacea. For a few people, heavier outer planets may be throwing a monkey wrench into Jupiter’s benevolence. If you’d like more details about your own particular situation, please contact me for a reading.) But the bottom line is that for this year or so things will be a lot easier for you, so be happy and don’t waste it! This song may be mega popular right now, but listen to the lyrics and take them to heart:

You will have the opportunity to create positive growth. Mentally, physically, spiritually, or all three—you choose! What is it you’d like to become? You’ll be feeling more optimistic about life in general, so get out there and mingle, people will want to be around you! Notice what opportunities start to come across your awareness; look for growth that feels aligned with where you’ve been yearning to learn, whether it’s in school, online, in a holy place, or out in the world of experience. Do you want to teach? Or visit Africa? This year is a great time. This is a time to take a well-thought- out risk; Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) will be on your side.

A two-sided piece of advice, though: Jupiter will be bringing you more energy than you’re used to having, especially while it is near the degree of your Sun. What you need is to focus on a creative project, rather than critiquing the details of somebody else’s. So when you feel that surge of energy slowly beginning to overtake you, put it to work on something. Don’t do the opposite: scaring people away with your very power and zest for life, and sinking into a pool of self-indulgence.

This Winter, take your first step in the direction of becoming the new you you’ve been sensing you could manifest. Virgos generally move very carefully and diligently, but now your enthusiasm may just surprise everyone with big bursts and leaps of progress (big for you, anyway, and in the long-term, big in many ways). Your progress may be slow at first, so don’t be discouraged if your new enthusiasm isn’t met with immediate results. Set your course and proceed steadily over the coming months. You’ll get to your goals, and the world will be a better place for it, more than likely; Virgos naturally take care of so many details that allow all of us to function more efficiently and happily!

So, Happy Growing. It’s what Virgos do best!

Peace, Rich

If you would like an astrological perspective on how what’s happening in the sky is affecting your life right now and how you can best work with these energies in your life, please call me.


Omygosh, What’s Going to Happen this Month?

Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

I’ve been spending the last three months or more doing a lot of research, personal retreat, spiritual growth and internal transformation. This, plus the intense energies that are bombarding the planet this year, have taken me away from the regularity of writing newsletters. It’s ongoing work to integrate those energies within myself, and to sense or decide how to move forward. But now, I’m coming back to the pursuit of this life path—as a service to the Great Spirit and all of its beings—I continue moving toward a mastery of astrology.

Now about all these September rumors. All the whispers are developing into a veritable commotion! There are lots of stories flying about on the ‘net—various disaster scenarios and doomsday-type things. Much of the hype is being built around the Jewish Shmita Year and the unusual phenomenon of the past two years’ four “blood Moons,” of which this month will see the last—and about which much is being prophesied from interpretations of Biblical texts.

Economic collapse is being forecast from many points of view. The UFOs will be landing. The Pope and the UN will conspire to tighten the New World Order’s grip on humanity. All is lost—if not now, then soon, very soon. And the mainstream media is so very focused on everything that’s going wrong in the world. Doom and Gloom are out and about, in force.

Or—alternatively—the planet (Gaia) will ascend to the next higher dimension and we will all be introduced to angels and Earth spirits and we’ll be one step closer to, well, wherever it is we’ll be going together. These types of rumors are flow-ting around now, too.

One thing all the predictions have in common is that this month will be a major turning point for humanity. Astrologically, I would agree. It is very late in the Uranus/Pluto series of squares that are bringing fundamental changes to the structure of our society. And Saturn is headed into Sagittarius this month, and that will test the economy markedly over the next three years—is it sustainable the way it is, or not so much? (Saturn and Jupiter together delineate the stock market’s major twists and turns.) But first, Saturn must leave Scorpio, and it often brings a final gift as it changes signs. Look for a big secret to drop soon that changes the world’s perspective about who’s really been in control for quite a long time now.

The next named Atlantic hurricane will probably appear this month, and guess what its name is scheduled to be? Grace. That’s right, a graceful hurricane—remember gracias means “thank you” and we can at least be thankful for what we still have after something new comes along. [Apparently the last storm named Grace helped create “The Perfect Storm” in 1991.] There will be both a solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse this month. Did I mention that Mercury will be going retrograde right in the middle of the month* too? Oy vey mygosh! So many indicators of change on our little planet!

(If you haven’t heard Judy Collins sing Amazing Grace, please allow me to guide you:)


Lunar eclipses occur on the full Moon. Lunar eclipses are good for letting go of the past. This one will be total, at 4 degrees Aries.

Solar eclipses (new Moon) emphasize beginnings and the   changes will come over the next year. Solar eclipses are powerful times for setting intentions. This one will be partial, at 20 degrees Virgo.

How do we prepare ourselves for the coming unknown? There are surely many changes swirling about, but it is our choice at both the individual and collective levels what to do with that change energy. What if we choose to envision change as a positive thing that will bring us closer to a better world, for all? We can get all stirred up, or we can get all calmed down. Drama can drag us down and keep us stirred up, if we allow ourselves to enter into it; on the other hand, we can choose to rise above it by not encouraging it or participating in it. We can take the higher road and avoid the emotional turmoil that comes with drama. Then we will have more clarity, more focus and more power. It’s time to focus on the positive, and use the flowing energies of change to create our vision of a better world.

From another point of view, instead of letting fear run away with our minds, let’s envision more love flowing into our lives. We can get out of our heads (where the fears begin) and into our hearts (where love begins) a lot more often. A shift from emphasizing the head to the heart will bring us closer to our dreams. Any big change could be seen as a reason for optimism, if we so choose. As I wrote months and newsletters ago, we desperately need change, and we have seen an increasing flow of it the last three years. And here comes more. I say, bring it on.

Peace to All, Rich

*—Mercury will be retrograde Sept. 17th thru Oct. 8th

Why are Things So Intense Right Now?

Happy Equinox, Fellow Earthlings!

Have you been feeling like you’re behind the fuzzy lime ball lately?

Zounds! All the energies of the Universe seem to be impinging on our little Earth right now. Just two days ago, we had the largest solar flare event of the last eleven years, causing spectacular auroras and radio disruption—and who knows what else to our bodies and energetic patterns at other levels? It’s the Vernal Equinox today. We had the last exact Uranus/Pluto square this week. There were five planets in Pisces this week. (And then there is the ongoing energy input from the Galactic Center, which is facilitating great changing-of-the-ages energies—for more on why this is such a special time on Earth, read my 2012 article here: https://transcendentalastrology.com/?p=61 ).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention it, but there was a total eclipse of the Sun today too. I must tell you as an astrologer that there is no way to calculate the odds against all these coming together so simultaneously—it would produce way too small a number for anyone to believe! So if you’ve been feeling things are not normal, there’s your validation.

Today I want to tell you what to expect from Pluto during its long trip through the sign of Capricorn, which it is now almost halfway through (it started in 2008). Secrets and structure and transformation are the keywords for this combination; Pluto is  bringing up deeply hidden stuff for redemption, and Capricorn represents our society’s organizations and institutions. Secrets are coming out about the structure of society, and about corporations and our leaders. Conversely, the structure of many secret societies is becoming known. Pretty soon nobody will be able to hide anything the way we’re going, our new technology (ruled by Uranus) will see to that. And because Uranus (also the planet of the unexpected) will be interacting with Pluto for two more years, what we’re getting is sudden releases of secrets (more on Pluto/Uranus changes here: https://transcendentalastrology.com/?p=104)

Pluto causes us deep transformations. At its worst, sayeth Pluto: “transform or die!” At its best, it says, “Rise above this—right now!” Pluto represents great changes brought about by crisis. So Pluto sits at our gate today, calmly saying, “Please send in the next crisis, I do believe we’re quite ready for change.” Over and over again lately.

Pluto and Uranus get together every 35 years or so, for about seven years at a crack, and all heck breaks loose. The last time was the early to mid 1960‘s—you know, the civil rights movement, women’s lib, the sexual revolution, the early environmental movement, music becoming electrified, massive war protests, increasing drug use, the rise of “eastern” religions, etc. People generally broke out of limiting ideas and old conditions. Society’s structure seemed to go haywire and several fuses were blown.

In the words of Smash Mouth’s 1997 song, “Walking on the Sun:”

25 years ago they spoke out and they broke out of recession and oppression and together they toked/And they folked out with guitars around the bonfire just singin’ and clappin,’ man what the hell happened?

The hippies eventually sold out to some degree and adopted a more orthodox lifestyle, in line with the admittedly changed authority structure. You might remember the 80’s “Me Generation,” which evolved somehow out of the socially-conscious 60’s; this was the other side of the 35-year cycle. “Never trust anyone over 30” became a reality for the 60‘s hippies when most of them became what they had fought against as teens, remember?:


So what did happen anyway? Why did all of that stuff subside without resolving the big issues that people were protesting? What happened is we weren’t ready as a collective to deal with fully integrating these radical changes into our society. But now that those two planets are back together, we’re getting another major impulse to do so and the masses are really reacting in response. Look what’s up in the news: civil rights, women’s equality, the legalization of marijuana, LGBT rights (a group that became known via the sexual revolution and its new tolerance), and more people in the streets marching and speaking out against many things. Things have come back that had gone away, but they’re being ratcheted up to the next level, and we’re closer to resolutions now, partly because on a mass level we’re really getting tired of the inequality.

(For a pop take on the state of women’s rights, listen to this song. I chose this particular video version because it emphasizes the lyrics, which are sharply right on:)


I believe that life evolves in a spiral fashion, going around in cycles but also improving in an upward direction with every turn of the wheel. Yes, sometimes we seem to go through things that are difficult, but then we learn and take a step up. Or two.

    Now is the stepping-up time.


Now for more about this week’s eclipse. As a total solar eclipse, it sets the tone for our next six to twelve months. Saturn is the “Lord of the Figure,” meaning it sets the tone for this period, and it is squaring two of the planets in the house of money. Watch for a major adjustment in the global currency equilibrium sometime in the next year—three years at the outside. Self-discipline will be the watchword for us all, as the powers that be seek to grab onto all they can to keep their structures from changing. But they can’t stop this kind of change, and much of what they have worked to build up—the parts that won’t work in a better future—will slip like water from their grasp.

NBC news reported recently that the top 85 wealthiest people have the same amount of resources as the poorest 3.5 billion. That’s not the 1% vs. the 99%, it’s more like .000003 % vs. 99.999997 %.

That’s how unbalanced the world has become. This is the result of our social and cultural institutions, which generally allow unbridled greed to win the game. Except it’s not a game to the people who are starving or suffering from the abuse. Uranus represents the masses of humanity and Pluto is, well, the plutocrats, the ultra-rich. They are now officially at loggerheads, and this is the focus of the tension of this square.

Uranian things (technology) will help bring down the Plutonians. That means the technology that the 1% created has also connected the 99% in unprecedented ways. And the internet will be the means by which the 99% take back more of the world’s resources, making things more fair again: computer hackers are the invisible forces suddenly pulling down pieces of a corrupt system, while cell phones are the way people quickly mobilize and share information and get around the old structures.

The big question you might be thinking is, “does this social re-structuring have to mean that something falls apart first and then we have to start over after cleaning up the mess?” No, there is another way, and thankfully I believe it is occurring right now. If we can create an infrastructure that is more sustainable before the big unsustainable one breaks down completely, then we need not have economic collapse and all the difficulty that comes with it. The new structures can be built underneath the current ones, but able to generally stand on their own once the old superstructure crumbles and falls.

Opportunity is the last thing we normally think of when we are in crisis, but that is one gift that is always being given. We are being given the opportunity to grow, to learn how strong we really are, to see the value of loving support, to become more sensitive to the pain of others, to share our burdens with others instead of thinking we are always alone, and to ultimately trust that we will be better people on the other side of our present, darkened passage through life.”

                                                                           —Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream

The key is that we have to keep working on all these new systems, such as solar power, local agriculture, local money systems, and independent networking of smart phones to avoid centralized interference. If you look anywhere except at the mainstream media (which are controlled by the Plutonians), you will see lots of evidence that this Uranian revolution is indeed happening. The more we focus on building new systems, the more the old ones won’t matter anymore. It’ll be like a butterfly emerging from its now-useless chrysalis.

We are at the end of a grand cycle. A cycle’s end is characterized by not just a breakup of old patterns but by a shift to a higher frequency or a new geometric configuration. In this way there is progress for all involved. When we get very close to the highest energy that can be embodied by our current forms, there is therefore a need to jump to a higher form. We are challenged to let go and accept the newly forming pattern. The time in between the old and the new, between the disruption of the lower-frequency structure and the formation of the next appropriate structure is relatively quick. The new resonance frequency then settles into a period of relative stability; this is merely harmonics, which is the Universe’s way.

Things that are happening are always reflected in different ways. While secrets are coming out about our Plutonian wealthy folk, we are also about to discover some of the secrets of the planet Pluto, the rock itself (or iceball; we’re about to find out). NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will arrive there on July 14th, 2015, after a nine-year journey, and we’ll be getting our first up-close look at Pluto. Pluto is quite dark and we know hardly anything about it, and it seems so far away—just like the Plutonians seem! See how everything is related via the language of astrology?

Back on Earth, this time around the wheel will bring an expansion of some of the 60‘s “Summer of Love” ideas. People will become more free and open, and more experimental—but perhaps more violent and destructive, too. Uranus rules revolutions (and humans can be violent), while Pluto touches the highest and the lowest, i.e., the saints and the sinners. There will be a revolution at the collective level; this energy can be used for light or dark. I believe our collective is ready to choose the light and turn away from the dark.

Still, we’re all feeling the tension, tension, tension. And overloadedness. What to do about it? How to handle all these disruptive changes? We could simply let what is falling apart fall apart, let it be. It’s simply part of a larger cycle—you can’t control it and you can’t stop it. But do keep your eyes open, as there will be adaptations and adjustments that you can make along the way to make life better. In the meantime, build something better, we need new structures to replace all those things that are falling apart. Take back your power. This is all better than freaking out and feeling afraid and powerless.

Says psychologist Jude Bijou:  (http://attitudereconstruction.com/)

“Little steps are the key to heading off overwhelm and taking charge of your life. When you think in specifics and deal with concrete issues, you’ll feel calmer, get more done, and enjoy what you’re doing. With your new motto, “little by little,” you can truly accomplish almost anything with a clear and peaceful mind.”

We can still choose to avert our glance if we’re not ready to deal with it, if we’re feeling unempowered or afraid, but more and more, we are feeling we can take action, more and more we are helping each other take one more step. More and more, we are seeing the start of a spreading, awakening mass consciousness on Earth. It is growing like a wave, and nothing can stop it. And so, change will happen, count on it, and it will ultimately be for the better. You can count on it, the Universe says so.

    Peace, Rich

Welcome to the Universal Love Initiation

Good Day Folks,

Feeling Lost? 

The past is receding with increasing speed. The future is approaching even faster than that. We’re sensing that the material plane is not all there is. Some of us are feeling so disoriented or out of step that they don’t want to be here anymore. It’s too scary.

Yes, things are different than they used to be. How? It is a phenomenon of apparent motion, somewhat like the retrograde motion of a planet, though different. You have to remove yourself from your normal perspective in order to see what’s happening. The old viewpoint won’t work anymore because, increasingly, we can’t relate to it. The crux is that we are learning to rise above  our old view of the world and see everything from a higher perspective, a higher dimension; that’s where everything is headed. We are evolving.

(For more on why this is a special period in time, see my article about 2012 & the Aquarian Age here.)

Okay, after that spacey start, let me get down to Earth. Yesterday, we had a most unique New Moon, occurring at an extremely late moment in the transition from Aquarius to Pisces: falling just six seconds of arc shy of being exactly on the cusp. So, the following month will invoke the energies of both these signs, and we will be feeling them (the Moon is the most emotional planet). Aquarius and Pisces are the most unusual signs in the zodiac; Aquarius is the visionary who sees the future and Pisces is the sensitive who sees the normally unseen. The veils are becoming thinner between dimensions and timelines and more ethereal states of existence. It is said of Aquarius that it brings about the Rising Light, while Pisces spreads the Light; that’s what’s going to be happening. Alignments like this don’t happen except maybe once in a hundred years, so the timing is extremely portentous. We’re not truly in our bodies right now, we’re floating around somewhere between the future and some other realm of the Universe. A truly otherworldly cycle is beginning, and it will have an effect on all of us.

You might note in today’s chart above that there are six planets in one sign—Pisces. It’s normal for two or three planets to be in the same sign at any given moment, four is a bit rare and five or more, look out, it’s an extremely unusual concentration of energies. It is very powerful. But in Pisces (the least selfish sign), the normal definition of power is turned inside-out. We are actually empowered within now more than at almost any other time.

What should you do with this power? Let it turn you inside, let it magnify and illuminate the unseen mysteries of life, the intuitive, the finely felt and barely perceived. If you put your attention to what’s on the inside and quiet your mind, other levels of Truth will appear.

It’s most important now—crucial—that you take time to connect with nature, to find that inner stillness each and every day, to stop the madness for more than a moment and remember the inside world, the peace, the stillness. Do it in your own way, meditate, sit, chant, focus, relax and stretch, let your intuition guide you, for now is the time.

Is the World Getting Worse or is Something Else Happening?

I’m sorry there is so much bad news in the media. It makes it seem like the world is just one step away from disaster, and that we should all feel very, very afraid. In reality though, many new things are being created that will help lift us out of our troubles. The consciousness of the whole planet is shifting, and fast. Most of the old things that have created the troubles are passing away, but this is a tipping-point time when everything still seems extreme. The old-thinking ones are digging in their heels out of fear of losing all they have built up, and we can only pray they see the light and decide to change quietly. We should have compassion for them, for they know not what they do. But they cannot stop the changes—no one can—and their time is ending.

This will be the moment to hold the energies of Inner Peace, Harmony, and Love, and to focus on the Creation of a Reality of Harmony and Abundance on the Earth….We ask you not to be intimidated by these changes….but to hold the focus of Love and Creativity, seizing the opportunity to create Abundance and Harmony rather than to contribute to lower timeline energies of conflict and chaos.   

             —Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn, Golden Age of Gaia, 1/2/15

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

                                                                        —Albert Einstein (a Pisces)

We need this attitude: (when I was a teenager, I used to hate this song. Just goes to show how long it can take someone to “get it.”) Hear the original, “Yes We Can Can” by Allen Toussaint:


That brings me to the very next new Moon, coming on the exact date of the Vernal Equinox (March 20th), and it’s a Solar Eclipse to boot! As you can see to the lower left, five planets are in Pisces again. The thing that is mind-blowing is that the eclipse is at 29 and a half degrees Pisces. After the last one being 29 and a half Aquarius? Are you kidding me? 29 degrees is considered the most critical degree in any sign; it’s as if we have our final opportunity to really learn that sign’s lessons before it moves on, for quite some time. In other words, for at least two months it’s exam time—and the solar eclipse extends that at least another six months. (When I was in school I never had to study six months for a final—not fair!)

This seems startlingly timely, because also happening in mid-March will be the final exact square between Uranus and Pluto, which together have been showcasing so much disruption for the last five or more years (although they will be traveling together in lock step for another year). This Spring figures to be the opening of a tremendous window of opportunity to push social progress forward, by expanding our consciousness.

Pisces represents the most selfless manifestation of Universal Love, or compassion. As Saint Francis urged us, “Love one another constantly.” That is what this time on the planet is about—learning to do that on a planetary scale, beginning inside you and inside me. The Love is available, let us learn to use it!

We’re on the road to the awakening of planetary consciousness.

    The Earth and the Universe and our higher selves are all whispering, with increasing urgency: 

                             “Wake up! wake up! wake up!”

The collective is now being urged to come together as one, to change and shift the world you co-create into a world you wish to live.

                         —Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, Golden Age of Gaia 

I’ll be writing more on the Neptune/Piscean transition we’re going through, but meantime, take heart:

“Neptune has been downloading its refined, yet extremely powerful archetypal essence to us as it is elevating our inner temples to collective heights previously unknown. Maybe it doesn’t look like this spiritual regeneration is occurring, but it is.”

                                                         —astrologer Rick DiClemente

Look closely. Yes, it really is happening. Blessings to all of you. —Rich



Attention, Sagittarians and Scorpios. And Everyone Else.

February 3rd, 2015

Greetings, Earthlings:

Stop the Presses, Saturn is changing signs!

Well, okay, it already technically did and it will again in a few months, and then back again once more, so maybe it’s nothing urgent. In fact, there’s never much urgent about Saturn. Except when we urgently want it to get off our backs. If you are a Scorpio or a Sagittarius, your lives are in the process of being changed; if you’re born under another sign, read on too since we will all be affected by this, although in a less personal way.

The short story is this: Saturn is close to done bringing difficult challenges and extra responsibilities to Scorpio folks, and it has now begun to induce life-changing situations and growth into the lives of Sag types.

Here’s the timetable:

Saturn in Sagittarius: December 24th, 2014 thru June 14th, 2015


    September 18th, 2015 thru December 19th, 2017

[Saturn in Scorpio: October 6th, 2012 thru December 23rd, 2014


   June 15th, 2015 thru September 19th, 2015]

Each planet has been assigned to, or “rules,” many different areas of life. Among other things, Saturn rules our fears.

Fear enables us to apprehend that change is necessary and that we need to take action to address the changing conditions in our lives.

But fear is not something to, er, be afraid of. It’s just an indicator, and we can maintain our equilibrium if we see it for what it is: simply a notice that something is changing and that we need to change with it. Only those who are truly afraid of doing something differently need be concerned—about their own inflexibility.

For life itself is change. It is a journey, and if we are to get anywhere, Saturn will insist that we eventually move along—in a positive direction. But if we’re locked into our old patterns, it’ll feel like we’re being dragged kicking and screaming into a fearsome unknown.

For the last two+ years, Saturn has been calling all Scorpios to take on more responsibility. We can make responsibility feel like a burden, or we can take it on as a duty; our attitude is the key to dealing with what comes to us. For instance, I know a Scorpio man who has seen two close family members die over the time Saturn has been in his Sun sign. He was not the legal guardian for either one, yet he went out of his way to do what he could to ensure that their end days were as good as they could be. He flew in from far out of town multiple times to visit, to comfort, and to help with all arrangements, prior and post death. He had the choice of fretting, handing it off to someone else, or avoiding it altogether because it may have felt like too much to deal with. Instead, he rolled up his sleeves and dove in, and everything and everyone were raised to a higher level as a result. He cared and he took action where he saw that action was needed.

This is really all Saturn asks of us, to dutifully bear the burdens of life so that they can be seen through to their proper conclusion.

The Last Two Years: When Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio, we generally feel limited in things Scorpionic: incoming money, secrets, sexual control and abuse issues, corporations, hidden wealth, the will of the collective, and massive power grabs. There has been a ruthless attempt to control resources and gain the power they represent. Our deepest fears have been stirred up but we haven’t been able to articulate them yet (Scorpio is the quietest sign). We have felt opposed by others with seemingly opposite values to our own. These have been our focus for two years.

The Next Three Years: When Saturn’s in Sagittarius, there will be limitations felt in these areas: religious structures, world banking, air travel, publishing, mass media, sports organizations, judicial systems, foreign travel, and institutions of higher learning. All of these things will be tested over the next three years, and many of their weaknesses exposed. Saturn will channel our common Sagittarian desire for growth into the building of new, more stable structures. There will also be a surge of interest in digging up hidden mysteries. We will not see any permanent expansion of the stock market; everyone will be focused on building for the long-term and minimizing risk. Optimism for the future will be smooshed down as we focus on the practical needs at hand. We will see the rise of both visionary and overzealous leaders and idea systems. Fundamentalism will be an issue and its practicality will be tested. The battle will continue between freedom seekers and authority enforcers. Fear will be used in the name of religion, and religion will be ultimately limited by this.

But all of this is just a time of testing; it does not indicate an imminent cataclysm ahead. It is actually the slipping and crumbling of outmoded structures that we have outgrown. (I’ll be writing more about this in my next two letters, soon.)

When Saturn is posed in one’s own sun sign, it is common to attract difficulties where one has not prepared well enough. Saturn indicates—or reflects—the way one has structured one’s view of the Universe. When something falls apart during this time, it may be an external struggle, or it may be that one’s inner ideals come crashing down. Saturn’s cosmic job is to test our structures, looking for cracks in the foundation. Our job is simply to fix the issues and move on. The most stressful periods are likely to be the weeks just before Saturn “hits” your natal Sun (contact me if you’re not sure when that will be).

Saturn is ultimately our friend, although it has been traditionally associated with fear and death. Way back in 1976, the visionary band Blue Oyster Cult got it right: Seasons don’t fear the reaper/Nor do the wind, the Sun or the rain/We can be like they are…..


Until then, enjoy our New Year.





Baseball, Fashion and Saturn

December 5th, 2014

Greetings, Followers of Important Trends:

Do you remember hearing “Friends don’t let friends wear neon?” Does that seem like such a long time ago? Well, it was, but it may be time to dust off that saying, because things cycle—often in ways we aren’t fully aware of on a day-by-day basis. I  can remember buying some random neon clothing items in Palm Springs back in 1984, but they’ve been difficult to find ever since. It was 29 years ago that neon disappeared from the fashion scene and we didn’t see it again, seemingly gone forever (to the great relief of some).

Until this year. I was at a baseball game in September and began to notice some neon on my fellow fans, so I started counting as I walked among the concession stands; in just five minutes, I saw 20 different people wearing some type of day-glo clothing. This seems unheard of, unless one goes back a Saturn cycle, which would be 29 to 30 years ago.

Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to make a full circuit of the zodiac, as seen from Earth. Neon is now “back” in fashion after a full Saturn cycle. Neon, neon, everywhere! Oh, but in between? Nothing. You couldn’t find neon, except on safety equipment. So there was an intervening period of dearth, of lack, of depression. The neon fabric dye market certainly was depressed! That’s how it often goes with Saturn, a long period of spartan lack, of difficulty, and then finally a breakthrough. And with tests of resolve coming at certain points along the way.

      “The process of the growth of consciousness is always accompanied by struggle”

—Liz Greene, Saturn: a New Look at an Old Devil

Now take the Kansas City Royals. Those of you who are baseball fans (as well as astrology fans) no doubt followed their remarkable season, which ended oh-so-close-to-a-championship on the day before Hallowe’en. The Royals—a team with a successful past if you go back far enough—have been more lately owned by one of the country’s ten wealthiest people, the CEO of Wal-Mart, one David Glass.

Glass took over direction of the team 21 years ago—about 3/4ths of a Saturn cycle, a critical period of change in setting direction and goals. He became the sole owner 14 years ago—or 1/2 a cycle, another critical juncture in any Saturn period. And then, after one mildly successful season, the Royals proceeded on to nine straight losing years. Much suffering was to be found. Glass was well-criticized for cutting his payroll by more than 50% and refusing to put money into the team, while continuing to clean up on ticket sales (even though having a better team would have drawn many more fans, as it had in the past, grrr). Glass was the classic Saturnian owner, ruling with a spartan iron fist, no frills, and all about squeezing—everywhere he could.

But then about seven years ago (1/4 of a cycle) something changed, and the team started keeping its key players instead of refusing to pay them what other teams were willing to (and letting them leave). Last year, they finally had another winning season. And this year, lo and behold, not only did they win, but they got very hot late in the season and did the unthinkable: they made the playoffs, which hadn’t happened for, umm, hmmm, 29 years. And they kept winning, often in miraculous fashion, and got all the way to the World Series, also for the first time in 29 years. And they came about as close as they could to beating the San Francisco Giants, only to lose by a whisker. Thank you, Saturn! Finally, success!

There are more Saturnian notes to this story. The Royals’ manager, Ned Yost, thus made it to his first World Series after eleven years of less successful managing (many of them struggling with the losing Royals). But he just turned 59 years old (59= 2 x 29.5). Saturn had a reward for him upon the occasion of his second Saturn return.

But who beat Ned and the Royals, if only barely? The Giants’ manager is Bruce Bochy, who….just….turned….59 and a half. And because it was his third championship, experts are now suddenly talking about him being a likely Hall of Fame electee. Saturn brings fame too, if you’re willing to persevere and keep working. And working selflessly is best when it comes to Saturnian scenarios. (The Giants have had their ups and downs too!)

The lesson: when Saturn grabs you, he means business, and you would do well to sober up wherever he is causing you suffering—and take a good look at what outlook  or behaviors you’re being asked to change. When Saturn is making important angles by transit to your birth chart, something with great potential may be in the offing. If it’s something really important to you, and you’re willing to take a long-term approach, then get ready to take step one—on what could be a long but rewarding journey. It might only take seven or fourteen years to come to fruition, though; Saturn parcels out completions in quarter cycles, and in halves too. Twenty-nine years is hard for humans to wait for; but Saturn tends to teach us our deepest and most important lessons on Earth, so it can be worth waiting for—if we’re willing to make adjustments and stick it out.

Esoterically speaking, Saturn represents our fears. We need to learn to move through them, with discernment and adaptability.

“Feed your dreams by starving your fears.” 

—Angelic Guides, via Taryn Crimi, Golden Age of Gaia

Practically speaking, Saturn is work. Have a goal, take the step, do the work. Feel the fear, shake it off, take the step anyway. Saturn will be pleased—eventually, when things are (finally) just right and really workable. Saturn is also Father Time. If you take the larger view, you will grow and become wise, and succeed—in time. Just like the Kansas City Royals, who underwent a period of deprivation and misery (ask their fans), squashed (err, molded) by Saturn, only to emerge stronger for the ordeal. And just like neon, I guess.

Try to generally remember this, as my next one or two letters will be describing Saturn’s upcoming antics. Don’t worry though, it’s all going to be about growth through adjustment; and on a global scale. What a time to be alive!

Until then, have a Wonderful Holiday Season.



Solar Eclipse Reminder

October 22nd, 2014

Welcome, Eclipse Lovers…

to another visible solar eclipse (in many places, including California; see map at the end). And yes, it will affect you.

I know I’ve been gone—as in, not writing any newsletters—for a few months now. The reason was primarily this spring’s eclipses—and the twisty turny unexpectedy changes they threw my life open to. That’s what eclipses do: they bring changes into our lives, and this forces us to react.

There was already a Lunar eclipse this month (on the 8th), but I’d like to focus here on the bigger and longer-term event: tomorrow’s corresponding Solar Eclipse.

Astrologically, the unexpected tends to occur near an eclipse. Something ends and something else begins, often involving major events, like a door opening or closing. An eclipse usually brings something new for us to focus on. A missing puzzle piece may fall into your lap that brings clarity to a situation. There is a feeling of life moving rapidly, with great acceleration. 

Lunar eclipses’ effects are generally limited to within a month of the event, while a solar eclipse augurs larger and more widespread changes that can be spread over much of the next year. It’s better to listen and respond rather than trying to initiate something. If you act under the effects of an eclipse, the result will be an unexpected one. But your situation can improve greatly if you listen closely and act positively thereafter.

The other planets that are closely connecting to the Sun and the Moon play a role in coloring each eclipse’s nature. Venus is wonderfully involved in determining how this eclipse will affect us, since it is in exactly the same spot in the sky as both the Moon and the Sun will be—only half a degree away, in fact, and that is powerful. Plus, Neptune is in a fairly close trine with all three of these planets, indicating a strong spiritual opportunity for us all, underlying the year ahead. Spiritual, as in both inner illumination (to those who are so inclined) and outer, as in service to humanity as a whole.

The Moon, Sun, and Venus will have all just entered the sign of Scorpio, so “Scorpio things” will be highlighted for the next year. That means secrets will be sprung suddenly upon the world stage (yes, again). And changes in the collective economy are on tap, ones that will likely be far-reaching. Scorpio also indicates the side of us that wants to know what’s really going on, so we are all going to be doing a little, or a lot of, digging beneath the surface appearance of things to get at the real stuff that lies hidden.

In esoteric astrology, there is a set of symbolic interpretations of each one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac wheel; together they are called the “Sabian Symbols.” They provide interesting and picturesque ways of getting a handle on the basic energies of each degree. This solar eclipse is placed at 0 degrees of Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for this  degree of Scorpio is: “A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street.”

What does that image bring up for you? To me, it suggests that as unique and new sights will be unfolding before us, we may choose to take the perspective of tourists. It may be an entreaty for our detachment, to let go of trying to control things. This would apply to things that we do not feel called to take direct part in; if you are called, do take appropriate action by all means. But as for unexpected and amazing news that may flutter across your news-feeds over the upcoming year, you may choose to either let something upset you, or you can just let it do what it needs to do, trusting that at some level it’s all in the plan. And that ultimately, everything will be all right.

May your brightness eclipse any darkness in the past.


(If you would like a brief reading of whether—and how—this eclipse will affect your life, please give me a call or send an e-mail.) 

Here’s a handy link for this and future eclipses, check it out (it’s easy to customize it to your location):


And here’s another option:


Leos are Poised to Push the Envelope

July 16th, 2014

Greetings Likable Leos,

It’s time to talk about you. I know you love it when people do that, but right now it will not only be fun, but appropriate and timely too.

Leos have a special opportunity between now and August 11th, 2015. Today, Jupiter moved into your sign for the first time in eleven years. All Leos will be favored by the Universe: please say: woo-hoo!

This expansive and beneficent planet will be traveling through your very own zodiac sign for a year, creating generally superb growth opportunities (no, wait—the good kind this time!), and a personal renaissance on many fronts. Jupiter is the best planet to have working for you if you want things to go your way. Since Saturn has been squaring your Sun sign in general for two years now, you’ve probably felt burdened or at least quite tense for quite a while. But things are looking up, beginning today.

While Jupiter is in your home sign, you’ll have more luck and more magic in your life. People will be drawn to you to share in your enthusiasm and your wisdom. (And while it may be the very best planet to have working for you, it is not a panacea. For a few people, heavier outer planets may be throwing a monkey wrench into Jupiter’s benevolence. If you’d like more details about your own particular situation, please contact me for a reading.) But the bottom line is that for the next year things will be a lot easier for you, so be happy and don’t waste it! This song may be mega popular right now, but listen to the lyrics and take them to heart:


You will have the opportunity to create positive growth. Mentally, physically, spiritually, or all three—you choose! What is it you’d like to become? You’ll be feeling more optimistic about life in general, so get out there and mingle, people will want to be around you! Notice what opportunities start to come across your awareness; look for growth that feels aligned with where you’ve been yearning to learn, whether it’s in school, online, in a holy place, or out in the world of experience. Do you want to teach? Or visit Africa? This year is a great time. This is a time to take a well-thought-out risk; Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) will be on your side.

A two-sided piece of advice, though: Jupiter will be bringing you more energy than you’re used to having, especially while it is near the degree of your Sun. Normally, Leos do not need more energy; they are the most energetic folks in the cosmos. What they normally do need is focus on a creative project. So when you feel that surge of energy slowly beginning to overtake you, put it to work on something. Don’t do the opposite: scaring people away with your very power and zest for life, and sinking into a pool of self-indulgence.

This Summer, take your first step in the direction of becoming the new you you’ve been sensing you could manifest. Leos generally move very quickly and impulsively, but their enthusiasm can flame out before they reach the summit, so one thing you can work on is follow-through. Your progress may be slow at first, so don’t be discouraged if your enthusiasm isn’t met with immediate results. Set your course and proceed steadily over the coming months. You’ll get to your goals, and the world will be a better place for it, more than likely; Leos are our natural leaders!

Happy Growing.

      Peace, Rich           

If you would like an astrological perspective on how what’s happening in the sky is affecting your life right now and how you can best work with these energies in your life, please call me.

by Rich Moser, Transcendental Astrology 

       (I do not own the copyrights for the images.)



Revolution is Abounding in Our Lives!

June 12, 2014

Happy Full Moon Night to All,

Uranus has reached the halfway point on its seven-year journey through Aries, so it’s a good time to look at what that combination has been creating in the world—and what we can look forward to more of. It’s good, very good. But first, let’s wrap up where that big, bad grand cardinal cross (GCC) I wrote about last time has left us.

What happened with all that spring-loaded tension in the sky? Lots of big earthquakes (6.0 or higher on the Richter scale) happened, encouraged by the extra gravitational effects of the four planets involved in the GCC, but fortunately only one was big (in Iquique, Chile). Noplace exploded in disaster, no wars began or flared up, and even the Ukraine situation has been remarkably contained. Maybe the world is becoming just a bit kinder and gentler, day by day.

But since then…..I’m sure you’ve been wondering what’s up with all the crazy “he acted alone” school shootings??? It seems like there has been one every day! Well, after two and a half months of retrograding, Mars turned direct on May 19th (meaning it has moved from a pose of internal frustration to one of external expression). Since then, large-scale violence has flared up in a few places—notably, Iraq—because Mars is still tensely opposing Uranus, in Libra and Aries respectively. This has been bringing up many people’s interpersonal angst, and  since Mars is still square to Pluto, there’s control issues and suppressed, volcanic emotionalism tossed in.

If that doesn’t sound like a calm situation, you’re right. It’s a recipe for tragedy in a gun-loaded culture.  For awhile, we can expect to see a few people relieving their tension by taking direct, aggressive action against their perceived enemies. This angst and tension should be easing off by mid-July—although early July is looking to be action-packed on many fronts.

It also bears mentioning that Pluto was going crazy last week (making nine contacts with other planets, i.e., almost all of them), so transformation of all kinds is everywhere, and difficult-to-swallow secrets are slipping out at every turn. These things have all been contributing to the stresses many of us have been feeling so acutely. It is not an easy thing to do to balance all this energy, but that’s what we should be trying to do as best we can. Balance leads to healthy expression, while wild swings create problems.

Remember that the planets reflect what is going on here on Earth, on both the outer and inner planes. Things that are happening in our lives and in the world are calling us to examine how we are participating in those events. What are we allowing or settling for? What are we contributing to actively?

Now back to Uranus and Aries and some much more positive news!

Uranus is in a fine place while it is in the sign of Aries (until spring 2018, passing  frenzies like GCC’s not withstanding). It heralds a courageous new future for the world, in many ways. It supports the unique, individual self coming forth from within each and every one of us. Aries wants to assert itself, and Uranus insists on marching to its own inner drumbeat. Everybody is feeling strong urges to come out of their (often self-imposed) closet-ed imprisonments.

Much progress has been made over the last three years, bringing issues of race and sex and gender discrimination to light and creating great and stirring public debate on these subjects. Think of how far we’ve come in the areas of acceptance of the LGBT community, and people seem remarkably less willing to tolerate racism and misogyny now than just a few years ago. It’s as if, at a planetary level, we’ve really had it with this crap! That is the courage of Aries forging the way for everyone to be free to express themselves in unique ways (Uranus).

Since it’s still part of that GCC formation, Uranus’ energy is not coming out easily these days. “Fits and starts” seems to apply right now, since it’s coming from an underlying tension of great magnitude, one that’s longing for the freedom of full and honest self-expression. This is what we’re all feeling.

Here are some good keywords (and keyphrases) to keep in mind for the next three years or so: individualism, sudden realizations, sweeping changes, restlessness, activities involving large groups of people, pioneering spirit, expression of genius, quick impulsive action, rebelliousness or a need to break free from limiting conditions, erratic behavior, technological inventions, and nervous system strain. And I would throw in “revolution.”

In general, Gil-Scott Heron was right; this revolution will not be televised. It’s a revolution of the heart, which I believe will win the day and the future. (It’s too boring to show people helping each other—where’s the drama in that?) I really like this video, dated though it is. It was ahead of its time and the basic idea applies well now:


It bears repeating that many people seem to be feeling pretty discombobulated lately. (Okay, all year.) We find ourselves at a confluence of sorts, in which new and old systems are flowing together and clashing—confusing everyone. We are developing new technologies at an extraordinary rate, and yet some older wisdom is actually coming back into view, as if to balance. So we’re looking in both directions at once, looking for something to hold onto against the roaring river as the waters rise. This is the nexus of change and it is very disorienting.

I encourage you to consider the words of my favorite Jackson Browne song,

                      For a Dancer:

“Perhaps a better world is drawing near

Just as easy it could all disappear

Along with whatever meaning you might have found

Don’t let the uncertainty turn you around

Go and make a joyful sound.”


Here’s the whole song, though not via a special video:


May you contribute to Peace on and in Earth, Rich

by Rich Moser, Transcendental Astrology