Jupiter Direct, February 2013

Well, we seem to have survived the “end” of the Mayan calendar. Although many people are saying they felt a shift on that day, and since. As if we’ve turned some kind of corner toward a lighter, healthier Earth. Can you contribute to that brighter future? I’d say you can, by fulfilling your own highest future visions.

This week–through February 13th–is the week to advance toward your dreams, with a positive, definite, committed step. What needs to grow in your life?

Many of us have been holding back on pursuing our dreams and better futures for many months now. We may have been making excuses, like “what if the world ends on 12/21/12, what’s the point?” Even more of us have been simply depressed by the general economic and world climates–pun intended, though I don’t mean to make light of our present state. Many people are suffering in the throes of social and environmental change. Almost everyone seems overwhelmed and near their wit’s end. We are certainly in the midst of cultural and technological change at a breakneck pace, the likes of which humanity has never seen. (I’ll have more to say about that in my upcoming letter about the Uranus/Pluto square that is ongoing.)

But this week, you can move forward, take that next step, create change in your life. Learn more, grow, pursue a new field, start your research, make a commitment to a new path. You can be more than you used to think you could be. And there couldn’t be a better moment than the next week or so to begin.

Last Wednesday, Jupiter turned direct (meaning it ceased retrograde motion), giving us a renewed opportunity to make positive growth and advancement a reality in our lives, both at the individual and the social level. For the last four months or so, during Jupiter’s reverse period, we were turning inward, looking for ideas and ways to grow into the future. That future begins now.

Just after Jupiter went direct, it formed a beautiful and rare grand triangle in the sky with the Sun and the Moon; that’s a powerful harbinger of growth and blessings.

(What needs to grow in your life?)

But in order to get the best of this energy, we need to make it clear to the Universe that we are willing to do our part to manifest our dreams in the world. Now is the time to actualize those inner visions with a positive, substantial step toward creating them in the outer, material world of your life.

 Even if you can’t take that important initiating step (or with a stalled project or direction, a resuming step) in the next seven days, you will have the energy of Jupiter at your back–until November 7th. But this week is far and away the best time to begin. Why? Because Saturn will then turn retrograde on the 18th, for four months, and that means delays and adjustments. Personally, I’ll take delays and adjustments if I know I’m on the path I want to be on to create the future I want to be a part of, wouldn’t you? Saturn will only delay us in the sense that it will help us to see what’s going to work better, so we can succeed long-term. Jupiter is telling us now is the time to start to grow.

There’s also a Mercury retrograde period coming up, on the 23rd, for three weeks. Which means snafus and glitches, but this too shall pass, leaving you well on the track to success, if you take action this week–and are prepared to stay the course and make adjustments. There may be a better future out there for us than we have dared imagine.

Take a step in your desired direction and start exploring; the Universe will help correct your course as you move along. If you have a really big starting step to take, try to wait until after the new Moon on Saturday night (the 9th); the following Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday look particularly good for beginnings!

You can’t get to where you want to go if you’re not willing to leave where you are now.

I’d be happy to learn of your progress, send me a note with your achievements or tell me your goals.

    Om Shanti, Rich

by Rich Moser, Transcendental Astrology 






Cardinal Cross/Solar Eclipse 2012 [originally sent out mid-2012]

Sometimes we’re all feeling more than just a little pressure to grow and change from our immediate circumstances. The planetary energies this week are particularly strong for us all to take big, brave steps toward becoming better versions of ourselves. Or at least to take a little step in that general direction. Johan Goethe’s quote has never seemed more true than it does this week:

“At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.”

The Universe does seem to require action in order to create a response. To get what we want we must first act.

But we need to do things differently than in the past. What’s required at this time is a change in intention, coupled with a step in the new direction. One step at a time. Gradual. But we need to be committed to ever taking the next step. The first step is vital, but ultimately we won’t get very far if we don’t follow it with another step. It’s got to be a constant process until we reach our goal.

I know what a part of your mind may be thinking. Us humans hate change unless it’s in the form of money. I believe we’re genetically afraid of change-ing, except when motivated by a looming disaster, threatening just around the next bend. We seem to require a crisis in order to change our ways. What if, instead of waiting for an actual crisis, we simply imagined how bad a crisis we will have if we don’t change our direction? I know there’s nothing quite like adrenaline to get you moving, but if you can possibly allow yourself to be motivated by your imagination instead, it’s generally a lot more pleasant way to create change, and it certainly allows us more time to make a plan instead of just reacting.

Why wait for the actual problem when we can simply envision a better future and take steps to make it come true now? Use that internal tension that we’ve all been feeling for many Moons now. (Alright, for some of us it’s been years, or feels like it has.) You might say we’ve been in the painfully aware stage. Saturn rules the structure of our lives in the material world, including habits of behavior. Until very recently, Saturn has been digging its heels in, resisting change with all it’s got. But Saturn is showing signs of cooperating, so let’s all build a new structure–beginning now.

This week, there is a Grand Cardinal Cross in the sky: Saturn in Libra, the Sun in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. All four signs are associated with initiating change, and the cross formation gives a great energy that is best used to DO something with. If we don’t do something now, not only will we waste a great opportunity but we’ll still have all that energy building up within us–as stress. The best way to use stress is to put ourselves in motion. We can let the engine race in neutral (feeling stress but not acting), or we can take off the internal brakes, shift into gear, and move forward. You decide the direction. Turn that wheel!

If we push forward now, the Universe will get behind us with even more momentum than usual.

You know deep inside what you need to do, what’s been crying out for change. Make a resolution and follow through. Friday is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, a perfect time to begin a change that will have an effect long into the future. So this weekend, plan to put aside some time to think, feel and take steps to face directly into the direction of your best imaginable future.

Make that change.

Blessings, Rich