Los Tres Eclipses

Happy Spring Everyone,

There are unusual things happening in the sky this month–things you can actually see–or at least you could, from some spots on Earth:

1. Lunar Eclipse, 4/25/13, 6 degrees Scorpio (12:57 PM PDT)

           2. Solar Eclipse, 5/9/13, 20 degrees Taurus (5:28 pm PDT)

                       3. Lunar Eclipse, 5/24/13, 4 degrees Sagittarius (9:25 PM PDT)

It is quite rare to find a cosmic sandwich of three eclipses happening so close together, and with the solar eclipse today, we are right in the middle of them.

Astrologically, the unexpected tends to occur near an eclipse. A missing puzzle piece may fall into your lap that brings clarity to a situation. There is a feeling of life moving rapidly, with great acceleration. Something ends and something else begins, often involving major events, like a door opening or closing. An eclipse usually brings something new for us to focus on.

Lunar eclipses’ effects are generally limited to within a month of the event, while a solar eclipse augurs larger and more widespread changes that can be spread over much of the next year. It’s better to listen and respond rather than trying to initiate something. If you act under an eclipse, the result will be an unexpected one.

With that, let’s look at what energies are coloring today’s solar eclipse. They will be sending ripples forward through the next many months, for us all. At the moment of this eclipse, there is a great deal of transformational energy available. This is good, because an eclipse will bring change, which is transformation–so we have the opportunity to use these energies to co-create the future we want.

This eclipse has an emphasis of Saturn and Pluto energies. Put these together and you get “changes in structure.” The structures of your life are: your job, your basic daily life, your family, and any patterns that have kept you feeling safe and supported over recent years. But changes don’t have to be bad. They can be good, as in building a new, better structure–and this may well be necessary for some of us over the coming year, as some old things will be falling apart. It’s best now to observe the cracks that are being exposed, and to act when you’re ready to fix them–or else change your direction to chart a new course.

Mars is also involved today, in a difficult way with Saturn. That’s the solar system’s way of saying we will be feeling anxious to move forward, but there will first be a need to chill, create a plan and move forward slowly. There are also four planets in Taurus, emphasizing our true values and money for up to a year going forward. (Watch for changes in global economics, it may be a year to remember.)

In esoteric astrology, there is a set of symbolic interpretations of each one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac wheel; together they are called the “Sabian Symbols.” They provide interesting and picturesque ways of getting a handle on the basic energies of each degree. Today’s solar eclipse is placed at 20 degrees of Taurus (both the Sun and the Moon will be there against the backdrop of the zodiac wheel). The Sabian Symbol for the 20th degree of Taurus is: “wisps of wing-like clouds streaming across the sky.” The original interpreter of the Sabian Symbols, astrologer Marc Edmund Jones, encapsulated this as “the awareness of spiritual forces at work.”

So after pausing to admire the beauty of this moment, let’s move ahead, ready to receive the blessings of any supernatural or celestial beings who are trying to get our attention, subtly revealing the direction that it’s best for everyone that we take.

(If you’d like to find out whether these eclipses will affect your particular chart, please contact me.)

                                                                   Happy Eclipsing.

                                                                                   Let there be Light, Rich          

P.S., If you’re into meditating and want to make a difference in world consciousness, try sitting and focusing within an hour either way of the exact eclipse times. These are considered by Hindu masters to be some of the best times to meditate.

by Rich Moser, Transcendental Astrology