Spiritual Transformation Ahead?

Happy Gratefulness Everyone,

In this season of celebration, we can afford to be a little more grateful for what we’ve been given. One big astrological thing for us to all be grateful for these days is that last year, Neptune began traveling through the sign of Pisces. Some of you may know that Neptune is the planetary ruler of Pisces.

In this time of confusion and uncertainty about the world’s direction, I’m going to offer you some comforting words, but they will come with a call to action. But first, about Neptune. Neptune represents THE COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE, at a feeling level.

Discovered by Galileo (a Pisces) in 1612, Neptune is invisible to the naked eye from Earth. It takes 165 years to cycle through the zodiac once. It displays its purest energy while in Pisces, so we will all be receiving a boost of positive Neptunian energy from 2012 until 2025.

Neptune in Pisces reflects a need in us to re-experience the transcendent or divine. At the collective level, we are experiencing a need for spiritual renewal. Over the next decade, we will be called to liberate our spirits from the bondage that fantasy and delusion (also Neptunian themes) have held us in thrall to.

For the first few years of this passage, Neptune will be accompanied by Chiron, symbolic of a spiritual healing. We have a need for more magic and mystery—both Neptunian and therefore Piscean things. We also need to create and display more compassion for the downtrodden lower “classes” in society; compassionate service is Neptunian too.

Love can be directed to our inside (love of self) or to our outside (love of another). While Venus is the planet of Love, Neptune is known as the higher octave of Venus. Thus, Neptune is the planet of impersonal Love—selfless by nature.

We seem to be going through a transition period on Earth in which we don’t know what’s true and don’t know whom we can trust or believe. We’re looking for clarity and new directions in the face of unprecedented changes. This reflects the energy of Neptune, which dissolves the layer of what is before revealing the deeper layer of Truth below.

Psychic researcher David Wilcock said this week: “In time, much of the confusion and mystery of the events now unfolding will have cleared up—and we will have a remarkable new view of life on Earth.” So it is with Neptune. We never know quite where we’re headed until we’re there.

As a species, we’re headed into new and unknown territory. It’s Terra Incognita all over again. (Or, in the spirit of Neptune, Terra Infirma. Things get squishy and foggy with Neptune.) Yet, it will be required that we gather all our courage and set sail upon the open seas. Otherwise, we will not be able to reach a new and better world.

There are rumors that a “galactic rewrite” is underway, having begun around 12/21/12, manifesting as an awakening from illusion at many levels and emanating somehow or the other from the center of the Milky Way, or the Great Central Sun of our galaxy. Neptune rules sleep and dreams. Is it time for our collective to wake up? Some of us will be more ready for this than others, of course, so should we get our hopes up—that at this time, the human race is ready to take a quantum leap?

The answer is: maybe. (For more information on how this time is different, see my article on 12/21/12 here:) https://transcendentalastrology.com/?p=61

Could we be on the cusp of the redemption of humanity? According to astrologer Isabel Hickey, Neptune is “the obligation to give one’s self away;” “balance must be restored through giving, not receiving;” and ”willingness is the keyword for Neptune.” Through personal redemption, one at a time, can we all be saved?

With Neptune in Pisces we ought to see a resurgence of the arts. Also, deeper explorations of mysticism and other subjects that cannot easily be explained by rational (scientific) means. Neptune rules liquids and addictions. Over the next decade, our society will be focusing collectively on drugs of all kinds, the ocean, and liquids of all types. Water rights will be a big subject, as will our number one liquid addiction: oil. Discussions will be permeated with the concept of fairness for all—not just what’s fair for the corporations.

There will be a dissolving of boundaries too, but how far will this go, what kinds of boundaries will Neptune be changing? One thing’s for certain; after 2025, there will be less separation between us all. There will be a realization of our Universal oneness, our deepest connections. Will this create One World, and if so, will it be one born of selflessness—or one born of delusion?

In true Neptunian fashion, before we can get to the light, the old and no longer acceptable order must first begin to pass away. The transition is always apt to cause confusion and disorientation. How can we avoid this? By holding true to what we know, especially on the inner planes. Let us walk the road we know to be the highest and the best. Accept a Higher Love into our lives: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=524Tf0dNRNw

And when we slip off the road once in a while due to the foggy, slippery conditions we’re navigating through, let us realign our path according to our inward, moral compass.

Neptune advises us all to participate in the changes that are coming, since we will all be affected by them. And we must come from an attitude of service, which ideally comes from a place of Love. So after pausing to admire the beauty of this moment, let’s move ahead, ready to receive the blessings of any signs or information that has been trying to get our attention, subtly revealing the direction that it’s best for everyone that we take. Now’s not the time to be afraid, there’s work to be done.

“Love one another constantly.” —Saint Francis of Assisi.

Even though the waters will be running deeper than usual for awhile,

Happy Swimming!

Let there be Love, Rich          

P.S: If you’d like to know more about what area of your life Neptune is currently confusing and simultaneously transforming, please contact me!