For Librans Only (and those who know them)!

Greetings Lovely Librans,

It’s time for you to learn more about how to balance the feminine and the masculine. These would be the same as the natures of Venus and Mars, whose energies are up for you now. However, they will be a bit inside-out compared to your usual experience of them.

Normally, Mars blows through each zodiac sign in about two months. But on December 8th, Mars moved into Libra. For. Seven. And. A. Half. Months. (Until late July.) This anomaly is happening because Mars will be spending all of its retrograde period in Libra, and that means your lives will be directly affected until then. Mars won’t spend anywhere near this much time in Libra again until 2029.

But Mars doesn’t like being in Libra; he always feels like there’s a court official watching his every move and he can’t act freely. You see, Mars is an agitator. A warrior. He creates action, even where none may be beneficial or desired by anyone but him. He is the ego. He stirs things up. But he also energizes us, and he knows how to move forward and get things done.

On the other hand, Venus—which rules Libra—rather likes things the way they are, if things are pleasant and beautiful and gracious, anyway. Even if they are not, she is a persuader, not a fighter. Venus is of a peaceful and loving nature, wishing to harmonize and create lasting social bonds. Forming connections with others is her job. But sometimes, she is lazy and materialistic and overly concerned with mollifying and pleasing others—to the detriment of her own needs.

Until late July, you and other Librans will feel stirred up, energized, and agitated by Martian energy. Wherever Mars is, there will be activity, so get used to extra action in your life. People will be magnetized toward you; you’ll have more ability to mobilize people, to motivate them, and to mesmerize them. You will be able to get a lot more done while Mars is in Libra. So take advantage of this period! It is like the Universe is giving you a seven-month-long green light. Just be careful how you go about it, because……

                   ……this is prime time for conflict with important people around you. The main danger with Mars in your sign is that you may be tempted to be overly aggressive or to inadvertently trample someone else’s fence in your rush to get something accomplished. Your lessons here will come through trying to apply healthy boundaries within all your relationships. Usually, you’re the one trying to adapt and cooperate, but now there is a danger that you will be too aggressive and forget to remember the needs and rights of others.

It’s very important to observe and honor the distinction between standing up for what you want and speaking your truth on the one hand, and breaching someone else’s space by aggressively pushing into it. The proper use of Mars is to assert, not to aggress; the difference being the honoring of healthy boundaries, even if the other person isn’t supplying any.

To complicate matters, Venus is retrograde—or not too effective—until January 31st. It might be beneficial if we think of Venus as drowsing until then, or at least having trouble being her normal, loving self. This may create situations in which you all are more aggressive and selfish than usual, so Mars may well try to have his way with your relationships until February.

But fear not. Remember this, when struggles threaten to overcome your resolve to love: after much thrashing about, Love will carry the day! Venus is the stronger of the two planets here. Think of it as practice standing up for yourself and what you believe in, while resisting the urge to push back others. As you well know, that will result in a pushback on you at some point.

So balance all that energy well. Balancing is a Libran’s job, after all, and you need to set a good example for the rest of us.

    Peace, Rich