Mercury Retrograde Alert!


Greetings! Hope you’re ready, ‘cause Mercury’s getting ready to go backwards again (starting today at 1:43 pm PST). But there’s nothing to be afraid of! Just be more careful with certain parts of your life, and practice letting go of expectations…..

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year on average, creating a three-week window of weirdness—with a few days leftover on either side to boot. Last time it happened, I noticed lots of things going snafu. Here are just four examples, to give you a sense of what sort of things can go on (or go off) during a Mercury retrograde:


2. (news headline:) Voting error could shake up results on next episode of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

3. (from my web host:) Our mail services are down due to critical hardware failure
Service Restoration ETA is Approximately 24 Hours.  At this time we are unable to accept calls or emails.

4. (news headline:)   Microsoft pulls Windows RT 8.1 update after reported problems on some computers – @AP

Sometimes the M. R. glitches are kinda bad, sometimes not so much. They’re typically all over the spectrum and pretty unpredictable. We’ll be better off  if we will expect delays and changes to our plans (but without worrying!). The information flow will become confused or diffused, here and there. It just will. Nothing we can do about most of it, especially when it involves other people. Why?

Because Mercury is the planet of the mind. My mind and your mind. And when a planet “goes backwards,” its energy turns inside and looks backward, instead of doing its normal forward motion and present-minded thinking. Mercury’s normal energies are less available now on the outside, but more available on the inside. And wow, do we have a big inside (which includes all our memories) !

This next three+ weeks are a great time to review and revise anything you’ve already done. Reminisce. Or analyze and do research. It’s not so good for starting a big new project, signing a contract or buying an important electronic device—with one caveat. (Well, I guess it would be an anti-caveat since we’re in retrograde mode.) If you’re feeling intrepid, you can proceed forward with anything—as long as you’re OK that something unexpected will come up with it, a twist or a turn, an unforeseen change in circumstance, a need for redirection or reorientation. It won’t end up as you had thought it would.

Put simply, if you’re willing to let go of the outcome and are prepared for things to go someplace you hadn’t considered they might or even could, then go for it. (Hmmm, maybe we should consider living that way all year long…..) But if you’re a bit attached to the outcome, do please check and double-check all the little details before pressing the “send” or “buy” buttons! Remember, your mind won’t be as fully there as it normally is. Give it a rest, get grounded, and unplug from the grid more often, for the next three weeks, so your mind can review and regenerate.

    Peace, Rich

 P.S., Why can’t Freddie and the GM cars be the only Mercuries we have to deal with for nine weeks out of every year?