Solar Eclipse Reminder

October 22nd, 2014

Welcome, Eclipse Lovers…

to another visible solar eclipse (in many places, including California; see map at the end). And yes, it will affect you.

I know I’ve been gone—as in, not writing any newsletters—for a few months now. The reason was primarily this spring’s eclipses—and the twisty turny unexpectedy changes they threw my life open to. That’s what eclipses do: they bring changes into our lives, and this forces us to react.

There was already a Lunar eclipse this month (on the 8th), but I’d like to focus here on the bigger and longer-term event: tomorrow’s corresponding Solar Eclipse.

Astrologically, the unexpected tends to occur near an eclipse. Something ends and something else begins, often involving major events, like a door opening or closing. An eclipse usually brings something new for us to focus on. A missing puzzle piece may fall into your lap that brings clarity to a situation. There is a feeling of life moving rapidly, with great acceleration. 

Lunar eclipses’ effects are generally limited to within a month of the event, while a solar eclipse augurs larger and more widespread changes that can be spread over much of the next year. It’s better to listen and respond rather than trying to initiate something. If you act under the effects of an eclipse, the result will be an unexpected one. But your situation can improve greatly if you listen closely and act positively thereafter.

The other planets that are closely connecting to the Sun and the Moon play a role in coloring each eclipse’s nature. Venus is wonderfully involved in determining how this eclipse will affect us, since it is in exactly the same spot in the sky as both the Moon and the Sun will be—only half a degree away, in fact, and that is powerful. Plus, Neptune is in a fairly close trine with all three of these planets, indicating a strong spiritual opportunity for us all, underlying the year ahead. Spiritual, as in both inner illumination (to those who are so inclined) and outer, as in service to humanity as a whole.

The Moon, Sun, and Venus will have all just entered the sign of Scorpio, so “Scorpio things” will be highlighted for the next year. That means secrets will be sprung suddenly upon the world stage (yes, again). And changes in the collective economy are on tap, ones that will likely be far-reaching. Scorpio also indicates the side of us that wants to know what’s really going on, so we are all going to be doing a little, or a lot of, digging beneath the surface appearance of things to get at the real stuff that lies hidden.

In esoteric astrology, there is a set of symbolic interpretations of each one of the 360 degrees of the zodiac wheel; together they are called the “Sabian Symbols.” They provide interesting and picturesque ways of getting a handle on the basic energies of each degree. This solar eclipse is placed at 0 degrees of Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for this  degree of Scorpio is: “A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street.”

What does that image bring up for you? To me, it suggests that as unique and new sights will be unfolding before us, we may choose to take the perspective of tourists. It may be an entreaty for our detachment, to let go of trying to control things. This would apply to things that we do not feel called to take direct part in; if you are called, do take appropriate action by all means. But as for unexpected and amazing news that may flutter across your news-feeds over the upcoming year, you may choose to either let something upset you, or you can just let it do what it needs to do, trusting that at some level it’s all in the plan. And that ultimately, everything will be all right.

May your brightness eclipse any darkness in the past.


(If you would like a brief reading of whether—and how—this eclipse will affect your life, please give me a call or send an e-mail.) 

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