Why are Things So Intense Right Now?

Happy Equinox, Fellow Earthlings!

Have you been feeling like you’re behind the fuzzy lime ball lately?

Zounds! All the energies of the Universe seem to be impinging on our little Earth right now. Just two days ago, we had the largest solar flare event of the last eleven years, causing spectacular auroras and radio disruption—and who knows what else to our bodies and energetic patterns at other levels? It’s the Vernal Equinox today. We had the last exact Uranus/Pluto square this week. There were five planets in Pisces this week. (And then there is the ongoing energy input from the Galactic Center, which is facilitating great changing-of-the-ages energies—for more on why this is such a special time on Earth, read my 2012 article here: https://transcendentalastrology.com/?p=61 ).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention it, but there was a total eclipse of the Sun today too. I must tell you as an astrologer that there is no way to calculate the odds against all these coming together so simultaneously—it would produce way too small a number for anyone to believe! So if you’ve been feeling things are not normal, there’s your validation.

Today I want to tell you what to expect from Pluto during its long trip through the sign of Capricorn, which it is now almost halfway through (it started in 2008). Secrets and structure and transformation are the keywords for this combination; Pluto is  bringing up deeply hidden stuff for redemption, and Capricorn represents our society’s organizations and institutions. Secrets are coming out about the structure of society, and about corporations and our leaders. Conversely, the structure of many secret societies is becoming known. Pretty soon nobody will be able to hide anything the way we’re going, our new technology (ruled by Uranus) will see to that. And because Uranus (also the planet of the unexpected) will be interacting with Pluto for two more years, what we’re getting is sudden releases of secrets (more on Pluto/Uranus changes here: https://transcendentalastrology.com/?p=104)

Pluto causes us deep transformations. At its worst, sayeth Pluto: “transform or die!” At its best, it says, “Rise above this—right now!” Pluto represents great changes brought about by crisis. So Pluto sits at our gate today, calmly saying, “Please send in the next crisis, I do believe we’re quite ready for change.” Over and over again lately.

Pluto and Uranus get together every 35 years or so, for about seven years at a crack, and all heck breaks loose. The last time was the early to mid 1960‘s—you know, the civil rights movement, women’s lib, the sexual revolution, the early environmental movement, music becoming electrified, massive war protests, increasing drug use, the rise of “eastern” religions, etc. People generally broke out of limiting ideas and old conditions. Society’s structure seemed to go haywire and several fuses were blown.

In the words of Smash Mouth’s 1997 song, “Walking on the Sun:”

25 years ago they spoke out and they broke out of recession and oppression and together they toked/And they folked out with guitars around the bonfire just singin’ and clappin,’ man what the hell happened?

The hippies eventually sold out to some degree and adopted a more orthodox lifestyle, in line with the admittedly changed authority structure. You might remember the 80’s “Me Generation,” which evolved somehow out of the socially-conscious 60’s; this was the other side of the 35-year cycle. “Never trust anyone over 30” became a reality for the 60‘s hippies when most of them became what they had fought against as teens, remember?:


So what did happen anyway? Why did all of that stuff subside without resolving the big issues that people were protesting? What happened is we weren’t ready as a collective to deal with fully integrating these radical changes into our society. But now that those two planets are back together, we’re getting another major impulse to do so and the masses are really reacting in response. Look what’s up in the news: civil rights, women’s equality, the legalization of marijuana, LGBT rights (a group that became known via the sexual revolution and its new tolerance), and more people in the streets marching and speaking out against many things. Things have come back that had gone away, but they’re being ratcheted up to the next level, and we’re closer to resolutions now, partly because on a mass level we’re really getting tired of the inequality.

(For a pop take on the state of women’s rights, listen to this song. I chose this particular video version because it emphasizes the lyrics, which are sharply right on:)


I believe that life evolves in a spiral fashion, going around in cycles but also improving in an upward direction with every turn of the wheel. Yes, sometimes we seem to go through things that are difficult, but then we learn and take a step up. Or two.

    Now is the stepping-up time.


Now for more about this week’s eclipse. As a total solar eclipse, it sets the tone for our next six to twelve months. Saturn is the “Lord of the Figure,” meaning it sets the tone for this period, and it is squaring two of the planets in the house of money. Watch for a major adjustment in the global currency equilibrium sometime in the next year—three years at the outside. Self-discipline will be the watchword for us all, as the powers that be seek to grab onto all they can to keep their structures from changing. But they can’t stop this kind of change, and much of what they have worked to build up—the parts that won’t work in a better future—will slip like water from their grasp.

NBC news reported recently that the top 85 wealthiest people have the same amount of resources as the poorest 3.5 billion. That’s not the 1% vs. the 99%, it’s more like .000003 % vs. 99.999997 %.

That’s how unbalanced the world has become. This is the result of our social and cultural institutions, which generally allow unbridled greed to win the game. Except it’s not a game to the people who are starving or suffering from the abuse. Uranus represents the masses of humanity and Pluto is, well, the plutocrats, the ultra-rich. They are now officially at loggerheads, and this is the focus of the tension of this square.

Uranian things (technology) will help bring down the Plutonians. That means the technology that the 1% created has also connected the 99% in unprecedented ways. And the internet will be the means by which the 99% take back more of the world’s resources, making things more fair again: computer hackers are the invisible forces suddenly pulling down pieces of a corrupt system, while cell phones are the way people quickly mobilize and share information and get around the old structures.

The big question you might be thinking is, “does this social re-structuring have to mean that something falls apart first and then we have to start over after cleaning up the mess?” No, there is another way, and thankfully I believe it is occurring right now. If we can create an infrastructure that is more sustainable before the big unsustainable one breaks down completely, then we need not have economic collapse and all the difficulty that comes with it. The new structures can be built underneath the current ones, but able to generally stand on their own once the old superstructure crumbles and falls.

Opportunity is the last thing we normally think of when we are in crisis, but that is one gift that is always being given. We are being given the opportunity to grow, to learn how strong we really are, to see the value of loving support, to become more sensitive to the pain of others, to share our burdens with others instead of thinking we are always alone, and to ultimately trust that we will be better people on the other side of our present, darkened passage through life.”

                                                                           —Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream

The key is that we have to keep working on all these new systems, such as solar power, local agriculture, local money systems, and independent networking of smart phones to avoid centralized interference. If you look anywhere except at the mainstream media (which are controlled by the Plutonians), you will see lots of evidence that this Uranian revolution is indeed happening. The more we focus on building new systems, the more the old ones won’t matter anymore. It’ll be like a butterfly emerging from its now-useless chrysalis.

We are at the end of a grand cycle. A cycle’s end is characterized by not just a breakup of old patterns but by a shift to a higher frequency or a new geometric configuration. In this way there is progress for all involved. When we get very close to the highest energy that can be embodied by our current forms, there is therefore a need to jump to a higher form. We are challenged to let go and accept the newly forming pattern. The time in between the old and the new, between the disruption of the lower-frequency structure and the formation of the next appropriate structure is relatively quick. The new resonance frequency then settles into a period of relative stability; this is merely harmonics, which is the Universe’s way.

Things that are happening are always reflected in different ways. While secrets are coming out about our Plutonian wealthy folk, we are also about to discover some of the secrets of the planet Pluto, the rock itself (or iceball; we’re about to find out). NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will arrive there on July 14th, 2015, after a nine-year journey, and we’ll be getting our first up-close look at Pluto. Pluto is quite dark and we know hardly anything about it, and it seems so far away—just like the Plutonians seem! See how everything is related via the language of astrology?

Back on Earth, this time around the wheel will bring an expansion of some of the 60‘s “Summer of Love” ideas. People will become more free and open, and more experimental—but perhaps more violent and destructive, too. Uranus rules revolutions (and humans can be violent), while Pluto touches the highest and the lowest, i.e., the saints and the sinners. There will be a revolution at the collective level; this energy can be used for light or dark. I believe our collective is ready to choose the light and turn away from the dark.

Still, we’re all feeling the tension, tension, tension. And overloadedness. What to do about it? How to handle all these disruptive changes? We could simply let what is falling apart fall apart, let it be. It’s simply part of a larger cycle—you can’t control it and you can’t stop it. But do keep your eyes open, as there will be adaptations and adjustments that you can make along the way to make life better. In the meantime, build something better, we need new structures to replace all those things that are falling apart. Take back your power. This is all better than freaking out and feeling afraid and powerless.

Says psychologist Jude Bijou:  (http://attitudereconstruction.com/)

“Little steps are the key to heading off overwhelm and taking charge of your life. When you think in specifics and deal with concrete issues, you’ll feel calmer, get more done, and enjoy what you’re doing. With your new motto, “little by little,” you can truly accomplish almost anything with a clear and peaceful mind.”

We can still choose to avert our glance if we’re not ready to deal with it, if we’re feeling unempowered or afraid, but more and more, we are feeling we can take action, more and more we are helping each other take one more step. More and more, we are seeing the start of a spreading, awakening mass consciousness on Earth. It is growing like a wave, and nothing can stop it. And so, change will happen, count on it, and it will ultimately be for the better. You can count on it, the Universe says so.

    Peace, Rich