Omygosh, What’s Going to Happen this Month?

Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

I’ve been spending the last three months or more doing a lot of research, personal retreat, spiritual growth and internal transformation. This, plus the intense energies that are bombarding the planet this year, have taken me away from the regularity of writing newsletters. It’s ongoing work to integrate those energies within myself, and to sense or decide how to move forward. But now, I’m coming back to the pursuit of this life path—as a service to the Great Spirit and all of its beings—I continue moving toward a mastery of astrology.

Now about all these September rumors. All the whispers are developing into a veritable commotion! There are lots of stories flying about on the ‘net—various disaster scenarios and doomsday-type things. Much of the hype is being built around the Jewish Shmita Year and the unusual phenomenon of the past two years’ four “blood Moons,” of which this month will see the last—and about which much is being prophesied from interpretations of Biblical texts.

Economic collapse is being forecast from many points of view. The UFOs will be landing. The Pope and the UN will conspire to tighten the New World Order’s grip on humanity. All is lost—if not now, then soon, very soon. And the mainstream media is so very focused on everything that’s going wrong in the world. Doom and Gloom are out and about, in force.

Or—alternatively—the planet (Gaia) will ascend to the next higher dimension and we will all be introduced to angels and Earth spirits and we’ll be one step closer to, well, wherever it is we’ll be going together. These types of rumors are flow-ting around now, too.

One thing all the predictions have in common is that this month will be a major turning point for humanity. Astrologically, I would agree. It is very late in the Uranus/Pluto series of squares that are bringing fundamental changes to the structure of our society. And Saturn is headed into Sagittarius this month, and that will test the economy markedly over the next three years—is it sustainable the way it is, or not so much? (Saturn and Jupiter together delineate the stock market’s major twists and turns.) But first, Saturn must leave Scorpio, and it often brings a final gift as it changes signs. Look for a big secret to drop soon that changes the world’s perspective about who’s really been in control for quite a long time now.

The next named Atlantic hurricane will probably appear this month, and guess what its name is scheduled to be? Grace. That’s right, a graceful hurricane—remember gracias means “thank you” and we can at least be thankful for what we still have after something new comes along. [Apparently the last storm named Grace helped create “The Perfect Storm” in 1991.] There will be both a solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse this month. Did I mention that Mercury will be going retrograde right in the middle of the month* too? Oy vey mygosh! So many indicators of change on our little planet!

(If you haven’t heard Judy Collins sing Amazing Grace, please allow me to guide you:)

Lunar eclipses occur on the full Moon. Lunar eclipses are good for letting go of the past. This one will be total, at 4 degrees Aries.

Solar eclipses (new Moon) emphasize beginnings and the   changes will come over the next year. Solar eclipses are powerful times for setting intentions. This one will be partial, at 20 degrees Virgo.

How do we prepare ourselves for the coming unknown? There are surely many changes swirling about, but it is our choice at both the individual and collective levels what to do with that change energy. What if we choose to envision change as a positive thing that will bring us closer to a better world, for all? We can get all stirred up, or we can get all calmed down. Drama can drag us down and keep us stirred up, if we allow ourselves to enter into it; on the other hand, we can choose to rise above it by not encouraging it or participating in it. We can take the higher road and avoid the emotional turmoil that comes with drama. Then we will have more clarity, more focus and more power. It’s time to focus on the positive, and use the flowing energies of change to create our vision of a better world.

From another point of view, instead of letting fear run away with our minds, let’s envision more love flowing into our lives. We can get out of our heads (where the fears begin) and into our hearts (where love begins) a lot more often. A shift from emphasizing the head to the heart will bring us closer to our dreams. Any big change could be seen as a reason for optimism, if we so choose. As I wrote months and newsletters ago, we desperately need change, and we have seen an increasing flow of it the last three years. And here comes more. I say, bring it on.

Peace to All, Rich

*—Mercury will be retrograde Sept. 17th thru Oct. 8th