Revolution is Abounding in Our Lives!

June 12, 2014

Happy Full Moon Night to All,

Uranus has reached the halfway point on its seven-year journey through Aries, so it’s a good time to look at what that combination has been creating in the world—and what we can look forward to more of. It’s good, very good. But first, let’s wrap up where that big, bad grand cardinal cross (GCC) I wrote about last time has left us.

What happened with all that spring-loaded tension in the sky? Lots of big earthquakes (6.0 or higher on the Richter scale) happened, encouraged by the extra gravitational effects of the four planets involved in the GCC, but fortunately only one was big (in Iquique, Chile). Noplace exploded in disaster, no wars began or flared up, and even the Ukraine situation has been remarkably contained. Maybe the world is becoming just a bit kinder and gentler, day by day.

But since then…..I’m sure you’ve been wondering what’s up with all the crazy “he acted alone” school shootings??? It seems like there has been one every day! Well, after two and a half months of retrograding, Mars turned direct on May 19th (meaning it has moved from a pose of internal frustration to one of external expression). Since then, large-scale violence has flared up in a few places—notably, Iraq—because Mars is still tensely opposing Uranus, in Libra and Aries respectively. This has been bringing up many people’s interpersonal angst, and  since Mars is still square to Pluto, there’s control issues and suppressed, volcanic emotionalism tossed in.

If that doesn’t sound like a calm situation, you’re right. It’s a recipe for tragedy in a gun-loaded culture.  For awhile, we can expect to see a few people relieving their tension by taking direct, aggressive action against their perceived enemies. This angst and tension should be easing off by mid-July—although early July is looking to be action-packed on many fronts.

It also bears mentioning that Pluto was going crazy last week (making nine contacts with other planets, i.e., almost all of them), so transformation of all kinds is everywhere, and difficult-to-swallow secrets are slipping out at every turn. These things have all been contributing to the stresses many of us have been feeling so acutely. It is not an easy thing to do to balance all this energy, but that’s what we should be trying to do as best we can. Balance leads to healthy expression, while wild swings create problems.

Remember that the planets reflect what is going on here on Earth, on both the outer and inner planes. Things that are happening in our lives and in the world are calling us to examine how we are participating in those events. What are we allowing or settling for? What are we contributing to actively?

Now back to Uranus and Aries and some much more positive news!

Uranus is in a fine place while it is in the sign of Aries (until spring 2018, passing  frenzies like GCC’s not withstanding). It heralds a courageous new future for the world, in many ways. It supports the unique, individual self coming forth from within each and every one of us. Aries wants to assert itself, and Uranus insists on marching to its own inner drumbeat. Everybody is feeling strong urges to come out of their (often self-imposed) closet-ed imprisonments.

Much progress has been made over the last three years, bringing issues of race and sex and gender discrimination to light and creating great and stirring public debate on these subjects. Think of how far we’ve come in the areas of acceptance of the LGBT community, and people seem remarkably less willing to tolerate racism and misogyny now than just a few years ago. It’s as if, at a planetary level, we’ve really had it with this crap! That is the courage of Aries forging the way for everyone to be free to express themselves in unique ways (Uranus).

Since it’s still part of that GCC formation, Uranus’ energy is not coming out easily these days. “Fits and starts” seems to apply right now, since it’s coming from an underlying tension of great magnitude, one that’s longing for the freedom of full and honest self-expression. This is what we’re all feeling.

Here are some good keywords (and keyphrases) to keep in mind for the next three years or so: individualism, sudden realizations, sweeping changes, restlessness, activities involving large groups of people, pioneering spirit, expression of genius, quick impulsive action, rebelliousness or a need to break free from limiting conditions, erratic behavior, technological inventions, and nervous system strain. And I would throw in “revolution.”

In general, Gil-Scott Heron was right; this revolution will not be televised. It’s a revolution of the heart, which I believe will win the day and the future. (It’s too boring to show people helping each other—where’s the drama in that?) I really like this video, dated though it is. It was ahead of its time and the basic idea applies well now:

It bears repeating that many people seem to be feeling pretty discombobulated lately. (Okay, all year.) We find ourselves at a confluence of sorts, in which new and old systems are flowing together and clashing—confusing everyone. We are developing new technologies at an extraordinary rate, and yet some older wisdom is actually coming back into view, as if to balance. So we’re looking in both directions at once, looking for something to hold onto against the roaring river as the waters rise. This is the nexus of change and it is very disorienting.

I encourage you to consider the words of my favorite Jackson Browne song,

                      For a Dancer:

“Perhaps a better world is drawing near

Just as easy it could all disappear

Along with whatever meaning you might have found

Don’t let the uncertainty turn you around

Go and make a joyful sound.”


Here’s the whole song, though not via a special video:

May you contribute to Peace on and in Earth, Rich

by Rich Moser, Transcendental Astrology



By Rich

Rich is a practicing astrologer based in Santa Barbara, CA.