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Good Day Folks,

Feeling Lost? 

The past is receding with increasing speed. The future is approaching even faster than that. We’re sensing that the material plane is not all there is. Some of us are feeling so disoriented or out of step that they don’t want to be here anymore. It’s too scary.

Yes, things are different than they used to be. How? It is a phenomenon of apparent motion, somewhat like the retrograde motion of a planet, though different. You have to remove yourself from your normal perspective in order to see what’s happening. The old viewpoint won’t work anymore because, increasingly, we can’t relate to it. The crux is that we are learning to rise above  our old view of the world and see everything from a higher perspective, a higher dimension; that’s where everything is headed. We are evolving.

(For more on why this is a special period in time, see my article about 2012 & the Aquarian Age here.)

Okay, after that spacey start, let me get down to Earth. Yesterday, we had a most unique New Moon, occurring at an extremely late moment in the transition from Aquarius to Pisces: falling just six seconds of arc shy of being exactly on the cusp. So, the following month will invoke the energies of both these signs, and we will be feeling them (the Moon is the most emotional planet). Aquarius and Pisces are the most unusual signs in the zodiac; Aquarius is the visionary who sees the future and Pisces is the sensitive who sees the normally unseen. The veils are becoming thinner between dimensions and timelines and more ethereal states of existence. It is said of Aquarius that it brings about the Rising Light, while Pisces spreads the Light; that’s what’s going to be happening. Alignments like this don’t happen except maybe once in a hundred years, so the timing is extremely portentous. We’re not truly in our bodies right now, we’re floating around somewhere between the future and some other realm of the Universe. A truly otherworldly cycle is beginning, and it will have an effect on all of us.

You might note in today’s chart above that there are six planets in one sign—Pisces. It’s normal for two or three planets to be in the same sign at any given moment, four is a bit rare and five or more, look out, it’s an extremely unusual concentration of energies. It is very powerful. But in Pisces (the least selfish sign), the normal definition of power is turned inside-out. We are actually empowered within now more than at almost any other time.

What should you do with this power? Let it turn you inside, let it magnify and illuminate the unseen mysteries of life, the intuitive, the finely felt and barely perceived. If you put your attention to what’s on the inside and quiet your mind, other levels of Truth will appear.

It’s most important now—crucial—that you take time to connect with nature, to find that inner stillness each and every day, to stop the madness for more than a moment and remember the inside world, the peace, the stillness. Do it in your own way, meditate, sit, chant, focus, relax and stretch, let your intuition guide you, for now is the time.

Is the World Getting Worse or is Something Else Happening?

I’m sorry there is so much bad news in the media. It makes it seem like the world is just one step away from disaster, and that we should all feel very, very afraid. In reality though, many new things are being created that will help lift us out of our troubles. The consciousness of the whole planet is shifting, and fast. Most of the old things that have created the troubles are passing away, but this is a tipping-point time when everything still seems extreme. The old-thinking ones are digging in their heels out of fear of losing all they have built up, and we can only pray they see the light and decide to change quietly. We should have compassion for them, for they know not what they do. But they cannot stop the changes—no one can—and their time is ending.

This will be the moment to hold the energies of Inner Peace, Harmony, and Love, and to focus on the Creation of a Reality of Harmony and Abundance on the Earth….We ask you not to be intimidated by these changes….but to hold the focus of Love and Creativity, seizing the opportunity to create Abundance and Harmony rather than to contribute to lower timeline energies of conflict and chaos.   

             —Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn, Golden Age of Gaia, 1/2/15

“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”

                                                                        —Albert Einstein (a Pisces)

We need this attitude: (when I was a teenager, I used to hate this song. Just goes to show how long it can take someone to “get it.”) Hear the original, “Yes We Can Can” by Allen Toussaint:


That brings me to the very next new Moon, coming on the exact date of the Vernal Equinox (March 20th), and it’s a Solar Eclipse to boot! As you can see to the lower left, five planets are in Pisces again. The thing that is mind-blowing is that the eclipse is at 29 and a half degrees Pisces. After the last one being 29 and a half Aquarius? Are you kidding me? 29 degrees is considered the most critical degree in any sign; it’s as if we have our final opportunity to really learn that sign’s lessons before it moves on, for quite some time. In other words, for at least two months it’s exam time—and the solar eclipse extends that at least another six months. (When I was in school I never had to study six months for a final—not fair!)

This seems startlingly timely, because also happening in mid-March will be the final exact square between Uranus and Pluto, which together have been showcasing so much disruption for the last five or more years (although they will be traveling together in lock step for another year). This Spring figures to be the opening of a tremendous window of opportunity to push social progress forward, by expanding our consciousness.

Pisces represents the most selfless manifestation of Universal Love, or compassion. As Saint Francis urged us, “Love one another constantly.” That is what this time on the planet is about—learning to do that on a planetary scale, beginning inside you and inside me. The Love is available, let us learn to use it!

We’re on the road to the awakening of planetary consciousness.

    The Earth and the Universe and our higher selves are all whispering, with increasing urgency: 

                             “Wake up! wake up! wake up!”

The collective is now being urged to come together as one, to change and shift the world you co-create into a world you wish to live.

                         —Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi, Golden Age of Gaia 

I’ll be writing more on the Neptune/Piscean transition we’re going through, but meantime, take heart:

“Neptune has been downloading its refined, yet extremely powerful archetypal essence to us as it is elevating our inner temples to collective heights previously unknown. Maybe it doesn’t look like this spiritual regeneration is occurring, but it is.”

                                                         —astrologer Rick DiClemente

Look closely. Yes, it really is happening. Blessings to all of you. —Rich



By Rich

Rich is a practicing astrologer based in Santa Barbara, CA.