Have You Been Feeling Fearful Lately?

Greetings. Today I’d like you to Consider the Nature of Fear.

Since mid-October, Pluto has been on a bit of a rampage. It has been the most connected planet, making close-to-exact angles to more of the other planets than any other planet has been doing—often oppressively so. This has been giving a decidedly Pluto-nian flavor to our lives, overall. Pluto represents the deepest layers of our emotions, but contrary to popular opinion, these are not to be feared.

Pluto also represents deep, dark, solitude. It calls us inward, to assess where we are emotionally; it wants to connect us with the depth of the soul. It is secrets, and it is control of emotions—and for that matter control of anything and anyone it can get its Scorpionic claws on. It rules burblings from the darkness and hidden plots, sudden acts of violent rage, and subversion of the social order; more generally, it is things getting turned inside out. Think of a volcano, quiet for eons and then unstoppably convulsive. This ultimately reflects our search for the ultimate causality of things. If you’ve been finding yourself watching more mysteries and crime dramas lately, that’s why: Pluto loves searching for and uncovering the truth underneath the calm facade of placidity.

Pluto activity brings us an intensity and inner focus. Subconsciously, our society is trying to get at what’s been festering for way too long, and the first step is to expose any yukkiness deep inside. We’re certainly seeing a lot of criminal behavior being brought to light lately, much of which has been institutionalized for decades. The urge to control has been almost overwhelming for years and years, at least for those in positions of power, on the top—and especially for the ones who have hidden in the shadows, i.e., the pluto-crats.

We are now seeing a temporary push toward more control of personal freedoms by governments, because the richest 1% are behind most of the governments right now. Everyone is feeling the fear-driven urge to control more. The elitest bankers, multinational stockholders, and other organized criminals are all feeling so sufficiently stressed that they are doubling down in an effort to maintain what they think is their God-given right to control and manipulate other people. Because these self-serving forces have accumulated great power and control, their momentum seems great now.

But the planets, which reflect all levels of our reality, are telling us a different story. With Neptune at home in Pisces and Uranus still squaring Pluto, the spiritual levels of life are getting a boost, while the forces of progress are exposing the dark underside of our society. The control systems are beginning to fall apart, and the rest of us are waking up faster than ever. Sensing the turning of the Universal Tide, the controllers are meeting stiffer and more organized opposition every day. Nothing’s ever going to be the same again, and this is good. Change will be good after all. We are advancing toward a shining new Earth, one exposed secret at a time. However,

Things should be getting easier but it seems they’re getting harder! The Paris attacks occurred on the day that Mars (violence) activated, by transit, the big eclipse we had back on March 20th:

There are some who seek love and acceptance through violence (thinking): “If I eliminate these people who disagree with the truth as I understand it, then there will be peace and everything will be perfect. I will be a hero.”

—the Arcturian Group via Marilyn Rafaele, Golden Age of Gaia, 4/12/15

Only one with severe control issues can believe such an idea. It is being driven by the ego’s fear of not being loved. The ego-mind creates our fear of scarcity, disconnecting us from our intuition and from Love. This creates effects of feeling stressed, doubtful, nervous and resistant to Change. Of course change is inevitable.

Why are we so opposed to something we can’t stop?

Pluto represents deep fears, deep, deep, deep ones—the deepest. Primal F-E-A-Rs. You may have heard of “f.alse e.vidence a.ppearing r.eal” well, that’s what we find ourselves hip-deep in right now; those among us who have strayed closest to the edge are feeling and acting out the negative side of this energy. But Pluto is also the Cosmic Roto-Rooter, ready to vacuum out the clogs in the deepest levels of our being. The Paris Climate meetings this month will be very interesting, as they could be a step toward more Control, or a step toward shared responsibility for our future.

And what is the antidote for a strong dose of fear? Let it go and move on; 

                            and take a step toward…..love. 

In Star Wars, Yoda said: “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

Yoda was right: A fear can hold us captive, if we let it. 

Another Jedi-like group, the Bene Gesserit order of female adepts in Frank Herbert’s Dune series, would repeat the following words when they were in a tight spot:

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. 

Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. 

And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. 

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing….only I will remain.


Another way to work with fear is to feel it viscerally, to shake your body as if to shiver, and let the fear just come right out, really get into it and feel it. This is what children do when they’re scared, shaking, and it is the natural human way of letting go of fear—in the moment. Five minutes later they’ve forgotten what they were scared of. And it still works for adults too.

Pluto is traditionally symbolized by the scorpion at the low end, by the eagle at the high end, and by the phoenix connecting the two. Via its eagle manifestation, Pluto is urging us to rise above our despair; as we rise, we can see more of the big picture—ideally with the detachment that normally does come with distance. But the scorpion has great depth, and a capacity to hold more and more. The phoenix represents the crashing and burning of the self, destined to rise from its ashes and then soar to only undreamt of heights. At some level, this is what we have all been going through lately. 

“I’ve seen some hot, hot places come down to smokin’ ash.” —musician and poet Joni Mitchell (a Scorpio, and therefore Pluto-ruled)

“I don’t blame anyone else for what happened to me. But once you’ve had your life burn down, it takes time to be a phoenix.” —actress Sharon Stone  

This is a scary process because it requires that we release much of what we thought was real and important. But paradoxically, losing it can complete us, if we take responsibility for the journey.

For the next two weeks, Pluto only makes two angles, but they’re difficult ones. Start looking for (even more) really unexpected surprises (I wrote this before the last mass shooting, no, the last two, three…it does no good to count them). Uranus (the lightning strike of the unexpected) will be assuming a more prominent role, and this will bring out futuristic solutions to our problems. Both will remain active and connected for all of next year (2016). And lo, there will be more of what Obama promised eight years ago: Change. (Though he didn’t tell us it would be happening worldwide, it most certainly will!)

“This is a process worthy of sturdy souls and brave hearts. Change is messy. And it requires phenomenal patience.”—astrologer Deb O’Connor [http://www.lovedogdesign.com/ LoveDogDesign/columns/columns.html]

Thanks to All who are Stepping Toward the Healing of the World—Rich

By Rich

Rich is a practicing astrologer based in Santa Barbara, CA.