Jupiter Has Moved into Virgo.

Greetings Virtuous Virgos,

It’s time to talk about you. I know you hate it when people do that, but right now it will not only be fun, but appropriate and timely too.

Virgos have a special opportunity between August 11th, 2015 and September 8th, 2016. Jupiter has moved into your sign for the first time in eleven years. All Virgos will be favored by the Universe;

                                                   please say: woo-hoo!

This expansive and beneficent planet will be traveling through your very own zodiac sign for a year, creating generally superb growth opportunities (no, wait— the good kind this time!), and a personal renaissance on many fronts. Jupiter is the best planet to have working for you if you want things to go your way. Things are looking up for you!

While Jupiter is in your home sign, you’ll have more luck and more magic in your life. People will be drawn to you to share in your enthusiasm and your wisdom. (And while it may be the very best planet to have working for you, it is not a panacea. For a few people, heavier outer planets may be throwing a monkey wrench into Jupiter’s benevolence. If you’d like more details about your own particular situation, please contact me for a reading.) But the bottom line is that for this year or so things will be a lot easier for you, so be happy and don’t waste it! This song may be mega popular right now, but listen to the lyrics and take them to heart:

You will have the opportunity to create positive growth. Mentally, physically, spiritually, or all three—you choose! What is it you’d like to become? You’ll be feeling more optimistic about life in general, so get out there and mingle, people will want to be around you! Notice what opportunities start to come across your awareness; look for growth that feels aligned with where you’ve been yearning to learn, whether it’s in school, online, in a holy place, or out in the world of experience. Do you want to teach? Or visit Africa? This year is a great time. This is a time to take a well-thought- out risk; Jupiter (the planet of good fortune) will be on your side.

A two-sided piece of advice, though: Jupiter will be bringing you more energy than you’re used to having, especially while it is near the degree of your Sun. What you need is to focus on a creative project, rather than critiquing the details of somebody else’s. So when you feel that surge of energy slowly beginning to overtake you, put it to work on something. Don’t do the opposite: scaring people away with your very power and zest for life, and sinking into a pool of self-indulgence.

This Winter, take your first step in the direction of becoming the new you you’ve been sensing you could manifest. Virgos generally move very carefully and diligently, but now your enthusiasm may just surprise everyone with big bursts and leaps of progress (big for you, anyway, and in the long-term, big in many ways). Your progress may be slow at first, so don’t be discouraged if your new enthusiasm isn’t met with immediate results. Set your course and proceed steadily over the coming months. You’ll get to your goals, and the world will be a better place for it, more than likely; Virgos naturally take care of so many details that allow all of us to function more efficiently and happily!

So, Happy Growing. It’s what Virgos do best!

Peace, Rich

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By Rich

Rich is a practicing astrologer based in Santa Barbara, CA.