New Moon in Aries

April 10, 2013

Greetings, Self-Improvement Devotees:

Today’s new Moon is a particularly powerful one, so I want to urge you to take the next step toward your best and brightest future. Today, there are five planets in the sign of Aries–a rare occurrence–and this, together with the new Moon, means this is a great time to initiate steps toward change in your world. First, recognize within yourself what directional change you wish to make. Second, set a general goal that feels connected to this directional change. (You may have the goal in mind already, but need to realize that your current direction will not be likely to get you there. So either order works.) Third, take a step.

Of course, only you can know what that better future for you is. If you’re not sure, but just aren’t satisfied with where you’re at, then take a step in the direction you think you might like to go–you’ll get feedback from the Universe, one way or another. But the key is to take a step, to move, to participate in the flow of energy such that you can create a reaction that comes back to you. This is the only way we can affect change in the world. Prayers and intentions are great, but they have the tendency to only create results when followed by specific actions. (The Universe is an interactive place, it seems!)

The nature of today’s energies is such that three planets are emphasized: Mars (ruler of Aries), Saturn, and Pluto. Put them together, you get “transformational steps forward,” with a dose of “changing the structure of your very life.” Mars wants to go–now! Saturn says, wait–we need a structure to move into first. Pluto says, it’s time to deeply transform our lives. These are the archetypes we can profitably play with over the next two weeks.

Ideally, your first (or next) step will be taken over the next 14 days. If you act soon, you may even see some tangible results by the full Moon. However, it’s more likely you’ll need to take a long-term approach, because we ideally are talking about a major shift in your lives. Which we can support each other in taking. As I will discuss in a detailed letter next month, the changes we’re all going through now may require our mutual support–and that may be why they will take a while to manifest.

Change is more possible now than at anytime in our history. You don’t need to be able to wrap your head around that to make a small–but definite–step, in a better direction, for your future life. Be courageous; you owe it to Mars. But do it before noon on the 25th!

    Peace, Rich



By Rich

Rich is a practicing astrologer based in Santa Barbara, CA.

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