The Mystery of 2012 [originally sent out Fall 2012]

Hello Truth Seekers,

What is waiting for us at the end of 2012? Will it be the end of the world? Or will humanity start writing a new chapter and make a quantum leap spiritually? There’s been much hand wringing and consternation over the multitude of “what ifs,” and so many theories and ideas about what might happen, some of which are truly far out. I’d like to address the significance of 2012 as briefly but as rationally as I can, while still including a broad perspective of possibilities.

There are five sections to this letter:

A.Actual Things Happening in 2012

B.The Mayan Factor

C.Other Opinions

D.Rampant Speculations

E.Moving Forward


The internet seems to be filled with a ton of contradictory predictions, and many of them are fear-based. There are, however, some things that we can say are definitely happening this year. Many rare events are coinciding and colliding in, or very near to, 2012:

  1. Venus Transits.  A pair of Venus transits, which happen only every century and a half, completed itself in June of this year. The Mayans and Aztecs believed this pair of events to be the harbinger of the return of their God. Astrologically, Venus transits have been associated with major expansions of human knowledge as well as physical explorations that ended up changing the world forever.

2. The ongoing series of Pluto/Uranus squares, beginning last year and continuing through 2016. This is part of a cycle of difficult angles between these two planets that occurs every 35-45 years or so. How their interaction will manifest depends upon which signs these two powerful planets are in. This time, it’s Pluto in Capricorn (social structure and monetary systems, and corporations) versus Uranus in Aries (new breakthroughs in technology and humanitarian leaders). This represents the sudden and unforeseen breakup of old power structures and plutocratic money distribution systems. After this period, the money ought to be redistributed from the 1% to the 99%. Say goodbye to the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the unseen few, and say hello to what will be the first concrete steps toward the more egalitarian “Aquarian Age.”

3. Neptune has moved into Pisces, here in 2012. This occurs only every 160 years or so. It’s auspicious because Pisces is the home sign of Neptune; among all the signs of the zodiac, it is most harmonious here. When a planet is in its most harmonious sign, it can most freely and easily express its highest and most progressive qualities. Neptune is the planet of connection to the unseen realms of the divine mystery. It also connects us to the underlying, less tangible and unmeasurable levels of reality that we have had so much trouble accepting here in our left-brain-dominated Western society for the last oh-so-many decades (the time of society’s domination by science).

Neptune rules art and music and inwardly-directed spirituality. It selflessly serves the downtrodden, the helpless and the bedridden, via putting aside the notion of helping one’s self in favor of the notion of helping others–just what our ego-driven society needs right about now.

4.  Uranus moved into Aries this year. This happens only every 84 years, for seven years at a time. Of course, Uranus always has to be in some sign, but in Aries it gives us all extra energy to courageously pursue the new and progressive, even the unthinkably new and progressive. This seven year window is the best time to create new humanitarian directions that will benefit the collective.

5. There is a solar activity cycle peaking, from late in 2012 through 2013. Solar activity cycles are about 22 years in length, and at the high point there is a much greater chance of sunspots, auroras, magnetic interference and other solar disruptions of conditions on Earth.

6. There’s a rare total eclipse of the Sun coming up on November 13th. This is interestingly close to the Winter Solstice on 12/21/12. Total solar eclipses occur only  every year or two, and astrologically they indicate major developments, either something appearing or disappearing unexpectedly. This one is located in Scorpio, which rules the possessions of the collective–in other words, world money and especially the money held by the ultra-rich.

7. This year’s winter solstice will occur at 11:12 am GMT, the time zone used to calibrate the entire world’s clocks. Upon closer inspection, the solstice occurs just 37 seconds after 11:11:11–a time being talked about by many groups as being indicative of the transformation of human consciousness and the next step in our collective evolution. Numerologists take note.


The ancient Mayans seemed to like making calendars that extended well into the future–like over a thousand years into the future. As far as we can tell from their records, the Mayans chose to stop their future calendar at December 21, 2012. Everyone wants to know, why did they stop it then? Is something going to happen then?

12/21/12 will be the Winter Solstice, as usual; many ancient civilizations used this day as their new year. It’s the point at which the days stop getting shorter; there is a visible promise that spring and good weather will eventually return and the world will not be plunged into an icy state of perpetual darkness. So this would be a natural day to end any calendar. But why the year 2012?

The Mayans not only made calendars far into the future, they also created big calendars, as in large pieces of time. Their Great Year is 25,770 years long, and it begins when the Sun, the ecliptic and the galactic center all line up, and this will next occur on 12/21/2012.

The amount of time it takes for our Sun (along with the rest of our solar system) to rotate once around the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is called a precessional cycle by astronomers. This period of time is about 25,920 years. Pretty close to the Mayan Great Year.

The Mayans also recorded time in 400-year chunks called baktuns. On 12/21/12, a cycle of 13 baktuns will be complete. It is also the end of their 5,125 year cycle, called a “long count” calendar. Five long counts make a great year. The fact that the Mayans chose to end their long count on 12/21/12, along with the Great Year correlation, are the reasons the date is being so closely scrutinized.

In Mayan lore, the “world tree” is the intersection of the galactic central rift (a dark area in the center of our galaxy) and the ecliptic (the path the Sun follows against the backdrop of the constellations). The world tree’s trunk is the rift and its main branches are the Sun and its planets, creating a cross shape that the Mayans connected mythologically to the birth of the world. The cross represents the light intersecting with the dark, causing the birth of the world, of duality. On 12/21/12, this cross will form in the heavens and will include the visible planets Mercury, Mars & Venus nearby, in the form of a tree or cross.

The Galactic Center, which moves very slowly against the zodiac, is currently located at about 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Astrologically, the historic meaning of the Galactic Center is motivation, aspiration, expansion and a source of great energy. This is where the Mayan World Tree will appear this winter equinox. (One thing that is clear astronomically is that the galactic center is indeed a source of many types of high-energy radiation, at least occasionally).

At 10:05 am on 12/21/12, directly above the center of the Mayan world in southern Mexico, the Sun will be directly over the center of the Milky Way, forming the World Tree. This was known by the Mayans as the “sacred triple rebirth of the Sun.” (It is also close to this point on the days surrounding this day, but not as close as on the Solstice.) The father (Sun) merges with (covers) the mother and her birth canal (the center of the dark rift of the Milky Way) to create a birth. A birth of what? According to the Mayans, the birth of a new age on Earth.

Perhaps the Mayans were looking deep into the future in order to find the day of greatest significance to their culture and beliefs, and once they had found it, they stopped advancing their calendar.

Astrologers divide each planetary cycle into an outgoing phase and a returning phase, an expansion and a contraction, a lightening and a darkening. The point in between the beginning and the end is the point of greatest stress, polarity and opposition. It also marks the beginning of the planet’s return path. Could it be that the Mayan Great Year was thought of in the same way, akin to a day and a night, and that we are emerging from 12,000-plus years of darkness and heading back into the light?


Even among researchers who agree that this is an auspicious time in the history of humanity, there is great disagreement on the most important date, or even which decade. Many predictions and interpretations hold that whatever we’re experiencing or are going to experience, it will extend well beyond 2012.

1. Astrologers trying to determine the beginning of the Age of Aquarius vary wildly over a few hundreds of years with their estimates, generally centering around our 21st century.

2. Based on the calculations of astronomer Jean Muess, the 26,000-year Galactic Alignment we are currently experiencing began when we entered to within one degree of this zone in 1926. We will leave the one degree zone in 2070. He calculated the exact center point of this alignment to be May, 1998.

3. Prominent Mayan researcher John Major Jenkins noticed that at the precise moment of the winter solstice, the center of the disk of the sun was closest to the galactic equator in 1998. This lineup of the earth, the sun and the galactic equator occurs repeatedly in the years around 1998, with only slight variation from one year to the next. Because of this, Jenkins decided to pick a range of 36 years (1980-2016) centering around 1998, as the “alignment zone” or “era-2012.”

4. There is a super-massive object at the center of our galaxy (a black hole perhaps), and we now know that it becomes more active periodically. During its active period, this galactic core sends out a large pulse of cosmic rays, called galactic superwaves. Physicist Paul LaViolette has evidence that such major galactic core explosions occur about every 13,000 – 26,000 years (sound familiar?), and even more frequently for lesser pulses. Today, tomorrow, next week, next year. . . sometime in the coming decades. . .our planet could be hit by an intense volley of Galactic cosmic rays. It will be hidden from us, until it strikes. This could cause a global communications blackout by creating radio static and may permanently damage many of our electronics. In addition, there is the danger that a superwave could bring outlying cosmic dust into our solar system, which could affect the Earth’s climate and possibly trigger an ice age (or worse).

Something of this nature would have the power to push humanity’s reset button, in other words we might be pushed back several centuries in our development, or further. But the main thing is that, coming as it would without warning, it would be as if the hand of G-d reached out, it would be as good as fate or destiny or the Grand Plan. I don’t think it’s wise to put any energy into worrying about something like this as at this point, it’s completely beyond our control.

5. We don’t really know just what’s out there in the Universe, with recent discoveries suggesting that there is a great deal of “dark matter” or “dark energy” that holds the Universe together, but that we can’t detect yet. But can such things affect us? If we gradually entered a more highly-energetically-charged area of the galaxy, it might increase the energy levels of electrons sufficiently (and often enough) that the very shape and behavior of our biological molecules might be altered, and in fact the entire planet would be moved to some sort of higher vibrational state. What changes might this cause? And what if it had an effect on our consciousness as well?

Here is one such idea, though it’s currently hard to find evidence to back it up: In 1961 a “photon belt” was supposedly discovered encircling the Pleiades, and in 1962 we entered the sphere of influence of this place in space. The year of our entry into its mainstream is said to be 2011. The energy of the photon belt is said to be of an etheric and spiritual nature, not physical, but it interacts with and affects the physical.


If you are at all familiar with surfing the internet, you know how many alternative ideas there are out there in the world. About everything, and they’re all more accessible now to everyone. Maybe there have always been this many, but now we can survey them quickly and get a sense for their diversity. And there is great diversity over the meaning of 2012. Many ideas are what many might call “off center,” but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. They’re just outside the mainstream. (And in fact, the mainstream is becoming narrower.) It seems that every source out there has a different timeline and concept of how (or even what) will go on during this time of transition. And for every theory there are true believers as well as fervent debunkers. Here are some prominent samples:

1. The 26,000 year cycle is said to be indicative of a time during which a “mass Ascension” may occur. And just what is Ascension? There is currently great debate amongst many alternative spiritual seekers over the meaning of this term, but they generally seem to be in agreement that it is an evolutionary step in human consciousness, and that this would be a good thing. People may, or may not, leave their bodies, or perceive time differently. This is often talked about as being a shift from our 3rd dimensional world into whatever would constitute the 4th and/or 5th dimensions. (It’s just a coincidence that the hit song “Aquarius” from the 60’s was sung by a group called “the Fifth Dimension,” right? Or is this really “the dawning of the age of Aquarius?”)

2. Another alternative theory holds that upon Ascension, the Earth will separate into two planets, one of a higher vibration and the other, which will remain denser and, well, Earthly. And/or that the Earth herself is an evolving consciousness (Gaia) that is about to take the next step in her evolution.

3. Many alternative thinkers believe there is about to be a mass revelation that beings from other planets have been interacting with some humans and governments for many decades–you know, UFOs. And that they are much like us, are good as opposed to bad, and are here to help us avoid self-destruction and take the next step in our evolution, or ascension, or something. It’s being called “disclosure.” (I won’t go into crop circles here, except to say that I find them completely fascinating and likely tied in with much of this stuff.)

4. You probably know that there is no shortage of doomsayers who claim that 2012 is our last year on Earth. Let’s assume they might be right for a minute. What known things might cause the end of the world? There’s always the possibility of nuclear war as long as we still have so many warheads aimed at each other. How about a sudden epidemic? Genetic engineering of dangerous viruses is ongoing and is used by some nations to develop biological weapons. A very large CME (coronal mass ejection) from our Sun might unexpectedly erupt during a period of increased activity and essentially wipe out our electronic infrastructure, or even possibly damage our atmosphere so that it cannot withstand the normal bombardment of radiation from space.

And it is certainly possible for an asteroid to hit our planet and create a huge tidal wave somewhere, perhaps triggering an ice age by throwing up a lot of weather-changing dust particles upon impact. But this becomes more and more unlikely as we get closer to the end of the 2012. There are lots of asteroid watchers out there now and you’d think somebody would see such an incoming threat well before then.

There are even more “out there” theories out there, such as a sudden pole shift–perhaps caused by a rapid movement of the earth’s crust over its core–creating massive earthquakes and tidal waves. And then there’s Planet X, a.k.a. Nibiru, which is supposedly a brown dwarf star that orbits eccentrically, is populated by a ten-foot tall hostile race, and is visible only every lots and lots of thousands of years but which could come close enough to the Earth to pull it out of our own orbit and send us spinning off into cold, cold space. This is also becoming less and less possible as we get closer to 12/21/12 and no one has seen this alleged but very large object.

If you’re into conspiracy theories, you may ask, could all the governments hide Planet X’s existence to keep people from panicking? Are the global Elite building underground bases to escape the disaster and leave the rest of us to our destruction from any or all of these disasters?


So what’s next if we survive 2012? Well, nothing major, really–nothing that remotely resembles the current collision of events. The next Venus transit is over 100 years away, and the next major long count of the Mayans is 400 years away, if we extend their calendar. There isn’t even a nice round number to worry whether we’ll make it past until the year 3000 rolls around. There are major astrological cycles that will be ongoing, but part of the reason there is such a frenzy of interest in the Mayan calendar’s end is that nothing comes after that. At least it didn’t for them.

For decades, scandal sheets like the Weekly World News–as well as prophets associated with various religious sects–have been regularly predicting doom. Evidently the approach of the year 1000 caused even more of an end-of-the-world scare than did the coming of the year 2000. And you all remember the Y2K scare, and what happened then? Almost nothing of importance, as we were able to prepare adequately for it.

Yet we are ensconsed deeply in a period of incontrovertible change. The next few months may well bring another quantum leap of change, instead of a “time-out” or resting period that so many of us might be longing for. When considering the effects on the Earth of any of the options mentioned in this letter, I recommend dwelling on the positive possibilities, while still preparing for any possible opportunities to help each other if the need should arise. As with all things, your attitude will be the key to how you experience whatever comes down the pike. We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can always choose our attitude.

    Om Shanti, Rich

By Rich

Rich is a practicing astrologer based in Santa Barbara, CA.

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